1376945817 Double Acting Rod Cylinder

With a broad range of categories, the 1376945817 Double-Acting Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinder stands out in the market. As a replacement for welded rod hydraulic cylinders, this product falls under the umbrella of welded cylinders. The SKU, which is the product's unique identifier, is 1376945817. It weighs a hefty 867 lbs, with a bore and rod measuring 125mm and 85mm respectively. The stroke is an impressive 103.46 inches.

The 1376945817 Double-Acting Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinder has been designed with a focus on performance and durability. It's built to handle heavy loads, as indicated by its substantial weight of 867 lbs. The bore and rod, measuring 125mm and 85mm respectively, are engineered for precision and strength. The stroke of 103.46 inches ensures smooth and efficient operation. Apart from its performance features, maintenance and care for this product are straightforward. Regular inspection and cleaning are recommended to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

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Q: What is the weight of the 1376945817 Double-Acting Welded Rod Hydraulic Cylinder?

A: It weighs 867 lbs.

Q: What are the measurements for the bore and rod?

A: The bore measures 125mm and the rod measures 85mm.

Q: What is the stroke length of this hydraulic cylinder?

A: The stroke length is 103.46 inches.

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