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Piston Air Compressor

Piston Air Compressor

Piston oil-free Air Compressor


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Piston type oil-free Air Compressor

Air compressor processes which is realized by the movement of rotor and stator. The air is sucked From the side of air-end, rotor seals the compression chamber and air is compressed gradually along with rotor movement and compression chamber become smaller. Compressed air discharged from the center of stator. This is a continues processes, the discharged compressed air Is smooth and no fluctuation.

Item No.: SY55-4V
1. Power:(KW) 3. 0
2. Max Power: (KW) 3.2
3. Power factor: 0.81
4. Voltage:380
5. Rated current: (A) 5.5
6. Max current: (A) 6.1
7. Frequency: (Hz) 50
8. Speed: (r/min) 1440
9. Pole:4
10. Efficiency: 80%
11. Insulation grade: F
12. Working form: S1
13. Levels of protection: IP67
Air compressor parameters:
1. Discharge volume: 500L/min
2. Work efficiency: 338 l.min– 1/ 5 bar
3. Working pressure: 10bar
4. Compressed gas: Air
5. Oil free in the air
6. No need oil
7. Maximum exhaust temperature: <90 degree
8. Safety valve opening pressure: 10.5bar
9. Overtemperature Protection of Equipment: Temperature protector




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