Elevator Conveyor Chain

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application Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

Bucket conveyor chain is a special type of chain mainly used for vertical lifting of materials.

It consists of a series of interconnected chains, each with one or more hoppers installed on it. Hoppers are usually made of metal, capable of accommodating materials and lifting them from the bottom to the top through the movement of chains.

The structure of a Bucket conveyor chain mainly includes parts such as the chain, hopper, driving device, and tensioning device. The chain is the main component of a bucket elevator chain, which lifts the material to the top through the hopper on the chain. The driving device is the power source of the Bucket conveyor chain, which drives the chain to move through an electric motor or other power equipment.

The main function of a Bucket conveyor chain is to vertically lift materials. It can lift materials from the bottom to the top through a hopper on the chain, suitable for material transportation in various industries. The Bucket conveyor chain has the characteristics of large capacity transportation, high efficiency and energy conservation, stability and reliability, and is therefore widely used in industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and building materials.