P200F70 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

P200F70 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain


Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is a type of chain designed specifically for vertical or inclined conveying of bulk materials. It is commonly used in industries such as agriculture, food, chemical, and construction. The P200F70 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is ideal for heavy-duty applications due to its high strength and durability.

Principle of Material Conveying

The conveying principle of the Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain involves four stages:

1. Loading Stage

The material is loaded into the bucket at the bottom of the elevator through gravity, vibration or other auxiliary devices.

2. Vertical Lifting Stage

Once the drive device is started, the conveyor chain begins to circulate and drives the connected bucket to lift vertically or close to vertically.

3. Discharging Stage

When the fully loaded bucket reaches the top, it passes through a structure called the "discharge port" or "flipper," where the bucket is guided and flipped to unload the material.

4. Continuous Cycle Operation

After unloading the material, the empty bucket continues to run along the conveyor chain to the bottom and re-enters the loading area for the next cycle.


P200F70 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is widely used in various industries for material conveying, including:

1. Agriculture

Used for lifting and transporting grains such as wheat, corn, and rice in food processing plants.

2. Grain Storage

Used in large grain silos to lift bulk grains from bottom to top for storage.

3. Chemical Industry

Used for vertically conveying powder and granular materials in chemical production processes.

4. Construction Industry

Used for continuous and efficient lifting and transportation of materials such as cement and aggregates in cement plants and quarries.

5. Food Industry

Used for conveying various powdered and granular food raw materials or finished products in flour mills, feed mills, and other places.

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