PWH Series PTO Shaft Walterscheid Replacement PWH480 PWH580 Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

The PTO shaft we produce can perfectly replace the Walterscheid brand’s PTO shaft, because our PTO shaft has a very high level of quality, performance, and reliability.
Our produced PTO shaft can perfectly replace the Walterscheid brand PTO shaft, providing you with a more efficient, reliable, and durable PTO shaft solution. Whether you are a high-end tractor brand or an ordinary tractor brand, we can meet your needs.

PWH Series PTO Shaft

Type Lz(mm) Guard Tube A or B 
PWH480 1134 SPF25 1bGA D0PG
PWH480 1134 SPF25 S4LGA
PWH580  1114 SPF25 S4GA
PWH480  1010 SPF25Z 2aG
PWH480  1010 SPF25ZZ S5
PWH580  986 SPF25Z S5

Tube for PH Series PTO

1bGA 2aG S4LGA S4GA S5

Identifying a PTO shaft

The following illustrations describe the steps needed to identify a PTO shaft , guard or component

Identifying a PTO shaft Identifying a PTO shaft
1.When a repair is being assessed it is important to review thecondition of all the components of the shaft , including the guardand the safety chain . You should also understand the application 2 . With the guard removed , check the condition ofescapinglbes and identify the profile . Common tube profiles are lemon andstar ( German or WS type ) and triangular and splined ( Italian or BPtype ) . The profile in this example is lemon ( see page 1 . 2 for further details)
Identifying a PTO shaft Identifying a PTO shaft
3 . Identify the types of yokes fitted to the shaft . They could be wideangle ( WA ) shown on the left or standard , shown on the right . Acombination of both could be fitted to the same shaft 4 . Measure the diameter of the universal joint ( UJ ) cap with adigital vernier caliper . The UJ cap in this example is 32mm
Identifying a PTO shaft Identifying a PTO shaft
5. Measure the width of the UJ - MethodPlace two nuts either side of the UJ and measure the distanceacross them , taking note of the measurement ( e . g . 92 . 70mm ) 6. Measure the thickness onuts together and subtract fromle previous measurement to give you the width of the UJ ( e . g92 . 7-16 . 7 = 76mm)
Identifying a PTO shaft Identifying a PTO shaft
5b Measure the width of the UJ - Method 2Measure the width of the entire yoke and take note of themeasurement ( 90 9mm) 6b . Measure the depth of the cap ( avoiding the circlip ) , multiply bytwo and subtract from the previous measurement90 9-7 . 45X 2 ) = 76mm
Identifying a PTO shaft Identifying a PTO shaft
7 . This now gives you a UJ size of 32 x76 . Most WA UJS ( shownon the left ) will have unequal pairs of end caps and widths . In thiscase you will need to measure both pairs of caps . Some cautionmay be needed when measuring the widths of the UJ'S as the yokeears may have become deformed 8 . Knowing the UJ size of 32 x 76 . Refer to page 3 , select thecorrect table for your tube profile and find your UJ size . In ourexampIs Will give you , Lemon , 32 X 76 = W2400
Identifying a PTO shaft Identifying a PTO shaft
9 . Turn to relevant pages in the catalogue to select the partsrequired . Be aware there are different sizes , and splineconfiqurations available when selecting an outer yoke 10 . There could also be a safety device fitted to the machine endS important to fit the correct device rated to the correctspecification

How to Securely Connect the PTO Shaft to the Tractor

Harvester ( PTO ) shafts are used in lawnand garden tractors , mowers , rotarycultivators , wood chippers , and evenfertilizer machines . In addition to tractorsPTO shafts can also be used forconnected vehicles or engines . To ensureproper operation , you should know whateach PTO shaft connector looks like . Ifyou don't know how to determine which type of connector a tractor has , a videotutorial will walk you through the process .

Connecting the PTO drive shaft to the rear PTO tractor requires bending and lifting the heavy PTO shaft. Slide the PTO shaft onto the rear PTO. Before connecting the two, check the alignment of the drive train splines and press the pin lock to release the ring

Maintaining the safety of the tractor cover is another key safety measure. These ring gears protect the front universal joint of the drive shaft from twisting, which is critical to ensure that the PTO and tools are in good working condition. When the PTO shaft is not fixed, the tractor can easily pull the machine apart, resulting in personal injury. If the tractor is driving on uneven ground, the Pto shaft may become protruding and may even cause damage

Maintenance PTO Shaft

Before putting into operation or after any prolonged period of not using or after seasonal storage, inspect the shaft carefully. Lubricate the PTO shaft . Inspect the whole safety guard of the shaft, as well as the PTO shield and the PIC shield. If the guard of the PTO drive shaft does not rotate free from the shaft, has missing parts, is damaged, or the safety signs are missing or illegible, the parts must be repaired or replaced. Replacing or repairing should be done by your dealer.
Make sure the PTO drive shaft is stored in a manner which will not damage the guard of the PTO drive shaft.
Store your equipment inside and do not allow the PTO drive shaft to rest on the ground. Rust and mud may interfere with the shaft’s locking devices and other parts of the PTO drive shaft.

Lubrication PTO Shaft

Lubricate the PTO drive shaft with high quality multi-purpose grease, meeting the N.L.G.I 2-Class (max 1% Molybdenum Disulfide). Follow recommendations as
indicated in Fig. 10 (unless otherwise specified on the guard or in the machines user manual). If access holes are available, lubricate fittings through access holes.
R-kits have black seals; P-kits have blue seals; E-kits and M-kits have orange seals. Replacement parts must be lubricated at the time of assembly and during use per the lube recommendations

We not only provide pto shafts, but also provide related pto accessories, as well as gearboxes for use with pto shafts. We can provide you with solutions for all the agricultural machinery accessories you need to protect your agricultural machinery

Agricultural Gearboxes

Accessories of PTO Shaft

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