Agricultural RC81 Gearbox for Lawn Mower 80HP 600rpm

The RC81 gearbox for rotary cutter is known for its strength, durability, and reliability, and it is commonly used in agricultural and industrial settings. If you are looking for a reliable and durable gearbox for your rotary cutter, the RC81 rotary cutter gearbox is a great option.

RC81 Gearbox for Lawn Mower

Install a high-quality gearbox on your rotary cutting machine to ensure smooth operation and improve performance. Our mission is to provide you with the durable gearbox you need to optimize working hours! Each gearbox is equipped with high-speed ball bearing units, as well as heat-treated gears and shafts to ensure long service life. Our gearbox specifications meet industry standards. All of our gearboxes are shipped dry and require lubricating oil that meets the manufacturer's standards. In addition, each gearbox includes blade carrier mounting nuts.

Agricultural RC81 Gearbox for Lawn Mower 80HP 600rpm  Agricultural RC81 Gearbox for Lawn Mower 80HP 600rpm
Item XL- RC81
Ratio 1:1.93 / 1:1.46 
Teeth 27/14  19/13
Module 5.5 / 7.0
Power(HP) 80
Rated Input 600rpm
Input / Output Description 1 3/8 Z6 Taper Spline
Weight (N.W) 28.7KG

Feature of RC81 Gearbox

RC81 Gearbox is a model of lawn mower gearbox, which is typically used for mowing and pruning equipment in agricultural and garden machinery. This gearbox is a high-speed, high-performance gearbox with the following characteristics:
--High quality: The RC81 gearbox adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure its high durability and precision.
--High efficiency: The gearbox has high torque and low speed, thereby improving the working efficiency of the equipment.
--Low noise: The RC81 gearbox adopts efficient noise reduction measures, thereby reducing the noise level of the equipment and improving the working environment.
--Multiple accessories: The RC81 gearbox can be equipped with various accessories, such as filters, coolers, oil drains, and mounting brackets, to meet different usage needs.
--Safe and reliable: The RC81 gearbox adopts advanced technology and materials to ensure its high level of safety and reliability.
In summary, the RC81 model lawn mower gearbox is a high-quality, high-efficiency, low noise, multiple accessories, and safe and reliable gearbox suitable for various garden and agricultural machinery.

Application of  RC130 Gearbox

Application of  RC130 Gearbox Application of  RC130 Gearbox Application of  RC130 Gearbox
  • Finishing Mowers
  • Rotary Slashers
  • Rotary Cutters



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