• Know in Details about the Rack and pinion
    Meshing with teeth on a small gear (the pinion), pinion and Rack, the mechanical device consists of a bar of rectangular cross-section (Gear Rack), having teeth on one side. Meshing with teeth on the rack that are inclined to the pinion-shaft axis, the pinion may have helical (twisted) teeth and straight teeth. On their steering mechanisms, some automobiles have rack-and-pinion drives that operate in this way. On a table guided on tracks parallel to the rack, if the rack is fixed and the pinion is carried in bearings and to the rack as shown by the arrow CD, rotation of […]
  • Know all Facts about The gearbox
    Gearboxes must be of the coaxial type with the pump, gearbox, and motor centerlines when included on vertical pump units, positioned vertically above each other to ensure an equal load distribution on the support ring. Coaxial worm gearbox may be either of the epicyclic or multi-layshaft designs. It has been possible to combine the pump and the gearbox by mounting the impeller on the low-speed output shaft of the gear unit with recent epicyclic designs. In turn, reduces the overall height of the pump set leading to a more compact arrangement, this arrangement eliminates the need for one journal bearing. […]