Benefits and drawbacks of integral vs. split housing designs for track drive planetary gearboxes

Benefits and drawbacks of integral vs. split housing designs for track drive planetary gearboxes

Benefits and drawbacks of integral vs. split housing designs for track drive planetary gearboxes


Track drive planetary gearboxes are commonly used in a variety of applications, including construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and military vehicles. These gearboxes are designed to provide high torque and low-speed power transmission to move heavy loads over rough terrain. One of the key design features of track drive planetary gearboxes is the housing design, which can be either integral or split. In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of these two housing designs.

Integral housing design

The integral housing design is a one-piece housing that is cast or machined from a single block of material. The main advantage of this design is that it provides a high degree of rigidity, which helps to minimize deflection and vibration. This results in reduced noise, smoother operation, and longer service life. Additionally, the integral design is often more compact and has a lower weight than the split housing design. However, integral housing designs are more difficult to manufacture and repair, and they may be more expensive than split housing designs.

Split housing design

The split housing design consists of two separate halves that are bolted together around the gearbox assembly. The main advantage of this design is that it allows for easy access to the gearbox components, which simplifies maintenance and repair. It also facilitates easier assembly and disassembly of the gearbox. However, split housing designs are typically less rigid than integral designs, which can result in increased noise, vibration, and wear. They may also be more prone to leaks and have a higher weight than integral housing designs.


The choice between integral and split housing designs for track drive planetary gearboxes depends on the specific application requirements and priorities. Integral designs are best suited for applications that require high rigidity and reduced noise and vibration. Split designs are more appropriate for applications that require easy access for maintenance and repair. It is important to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of each design before making a final decision.

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