Everything You Need to Know About 15 mm CAD Timing Belt Pulleys


15 mm CAD Timing Belt Pulleys are a versatile, lightweight and reliable transmission component used in various motion-control systems. They are designed with specially treated aluminum alloy, steel, or stainless steel, and are commonly used in automotive, industrial and home automation applications. The pulleys come with different tooth shapes, different installation holes and can also be used with timing belts.

Product Selection

When selecting 15 mm CAD Timing Belt Pulleys, there are several important criteria to consider. Different standards exist between European and American pulleys, including flange flanges, and material choices like aluminum alloy, steel, or stainless steel. Additionally, the pulley should have the correct tooth shape, installation holes such as pilot bolts, tap bolts, or QD bolts, as well as flanges, depending on the application.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing 15 mm CAD Timing Belt Pulleys is relatively simple and straightforward. However, proper installation and maintenance is necessary to ensure the pulleys work correctly and last long-term. To install, place the timing belt in the grooves of the pulley and secure with screws. To maintain, regularly check for signs of wear, such as cracks or excessive wear on the belt. The timing belt should also be regularly replaced to ensure optimal performance.

About Us

Xinlan is a professional manufacturer of 15 mm CAD Timing Belt Pulleys and other transmission components. We have multiple production lines and professional engineers to produce high-quality products. We also accept OEM brands and non-standard customization from customers. In addition, we also supply various gearboxes, chains, sprockets, gears, pulleys, etc. All transmission related accessories can be found in our company.

Why Choose Xinlan?

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