Introduction to Timing Pulley with Taper Lock

Timing pulleys with taper lock are widely used in various industrial machines and are mainly composed of belt wheels and taper bushings. Belts are connected to the belt wheel through a taper bushing, and the taper bushing is connected to the shaft by a taper lock. The installation process is simple and reliable, and the connection is strong. It is an ideal choice for high speed and low noise transmission.

Product Selection

When selecting timing pulleys with taper lock, it is important to consider the standards, tooth shapes, installation holes, and material choices. Timing pulleys with taper lock can be made to European or American standards, and the main difference between them is the tooth shape. The timing pulley with taper lock is available in various tooth shapes, such as trapezoidal, arc, and multiple-backlash. The installation holes can be pilot bolts, tap bolts, QD bolts, etc., and we can provide the corresponding accessories. In terms of materials, we can provide aluminum alloy, steel, or stainless steel, etc.

Installation and Maintenance

When installing timing pulleys with taper lock, it is important to ensure the concentricity of the pulleys and the accuracy of the installation holes. After installation, tighten the screws evenly and then check the rotation to ensure that there is no looseness or jamming. In addition, we also provide timing belts to be used in conjunction with timing pulleys with taper lock. During maintenance, it is important to check the tightness of the screws and clean the transmission parts regularly.

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