Manufacturing process of spiral bevel gears

Manufacturing process of spiral bevel gears

Manufacturing process of spiral bevel gears

1. Preparing the blank

The manufacturing process of spiral bevel gears begins with preparing the blank. This involves forging and heat treatment to ensure the blank has the necessary strength and durability.

2. Rough machining

After preparing the blank, the next step is rough machining. This includes turning, drilling, and boring to shape the blank into a rough form of the gear.

3. Forming process

The forming process is a crucial step in the manufacturing of spiral bevel gears. It involves gear rolling, gear hobbing, and gear shaving to create the intricate spiral tooth profile.

4. Semi-finishing

Once the forming process is complete, the gears undergo semi-finishing. This stage includes chamfering, keyway milling, and deburring to remove any rough edges and improve the overall finish of the gears.

5. Heat treatment

Heat treatment is an essential part of the manufacturing process. It includes carburizing, nitriding or quenching, and tempering to enhance the hardness and strength of the gears.

6. Finishing

After heat treatment, the gears undergo the finishing process. This involves gear grinding and honing to achieve the desired precision and surface quality.

7. Inspection and acceptance

The final step is the inspection and acceptance of the gears. This includes gear testing and surface treatment to ensure the gears meet the required specifications.

Gear Factory

We are a professional gear manufacturing factory specializing in the production of high-quality gears. Our manufacturing process includes the following steps:

  1. Blank preparation: Forging and heat treatment
  2. Rough machining: Turning, drilling, and boring
  3. Forming process: Gear rolling, gear hobbing, and gear shaving
  4. Semi-finishing: Chamfering, keyway milling, and deburring
  5. Heat treatment: Carburizing, nitriding or quenching, and tempering
  6. Finishing: Gear grinding and honing
  7. Inspection and acceptance: Gear testing and surface treatment

At our factory, we take pride in our advanced manufacturing techniques and skilled craftsmen. Our well-established quality control measures ensure that every gear meets the highest standards. With a commitment to precision and reliability, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Gear Factory

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Author: Miya