Swing Gearbox for Construction Vehicles

Swing Gearbox for Construction Vehicles

Swing Gearbox for Construction Vehicles


Swing gearbox is an important component of construction vehicles, which is responsible for the rotation of the upper structure. It is widely used in excavators, cranes, and other construction machinery. A high-quality swing gearbox can ensure the smooth operation of construction vehicles and improve work efficiency.

Advantages of Our Gearbox

  1. Rich industry accumulation: With more than 20 years of market experience, we have accumulated rich experience in gearbox design and manufacturing. We can accurately grasp the development trend of the industry and meet various complex working conditions.
  2. Comprehensive product line: From standard to customized products, our products cover various types of gearboxes, including planetary gearboxes, worm gear reducers, helical gear reducers, and bevel gearboxes. They are suitable for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, special vehicles, industrial automation, and other fields.
  3. Precision manufacturing process: We use advanced production equipment and rigorous quality management system to ensure that every gearbox undergoes strict quality inspection during the production process, ensuring product accuracy and durability.
  4. Innovative technology research and development: We continue to invest in research and development to optimize product structure and performance. Our gearbox features low noise, high torque density, and efficient transmission. It has strong adaptability and can operate stably in harsh environments.
  5. Flexible customized service: We provide comprehensive customized solutions for customers’ special application scenarios and requirements, including but not limited to different speed ratio selection, modular design, and integrated intelligent drive technology.

Signs of Replacing Swing Drive Gearbox in Excavators

  • The swing gearbox produces abnormal noise during operation.
  • The swing gearbox leaks oil.
  • The swing gearbox rotation is not smooth.
  • The swing gearbox overheats.
  • The swing gearbox fails to rotate.

When the above signs appear, it is necessary to replace the swing drive gearbox in excavators to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Swing Gearbox Buying Guide

Parameter Description
Swing radius The maximum radius of the excavator’s swing.
Operating weight The weight of the excavator, including its standard bucket and fuel.
Rotation speed The speed at which the excavator rotates.
Working temperature The temperature range that the swing gearbox can work in.
Installation size The size of the installation position of the swing gearbox.

To ensure that the swing gearbox is compatible with your excavator, you need to determine the above parameters and choose the appropriate gearbox accordingly.

Compatible Excavator Brands and Models

  • Caterpillar: 320C, 320D, 320E, 325C, 325D, 329D, 330C, 330D, 336D
  • Komatsu: PC200-6, PC200-7, PC200-8, PC220-6, PC220-7, PC220-8, PC240-6, PC240-7, PC240-8
  • Hitachi: EX200-1, EX200-2, EX200-3, EX200-5, EX200-6, EX220-1, EX220-2, EX220-3, EX220-5, EX220-6
  • Volvo: EC210B, EC210C, EC210D, EC240B, EC240C, EC250D, EC290B, EC290C, EC300D
  • Hyundai: R200-5, R200-7, R210-5, R210-7, R220-5, R225-7, R290-5, R290-7, R305-7

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As a professional gearbox manufacturer, we have a strong R&D team and advanced production equipment to provide customers with high-quality gearbox products. Our gearboxes have been exported to various countries and regions and have won widespread recognition and praise from customers. If you have any requirements for gearbox products, please contact us.

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Author: Miya