Swing Gearbox for Marine Deck Cranes

Swing Gearbox for Marine Deck Cranes


Swing gearbox is an important component of marine deck cranes, which is
responsible for providing rotation power to the crane. It plays a vital
role in ensuring the stability and safety of the crane during operation.
In this article, we will discuss the features and advantages of our swing
gearbox for marine deck cranes.

Features of Our Swing Gearbox for Marine Deck Cranes

1. High Precision

Our swing gearbox is made using advanced manufacturing technology and
high-quality materials, which ensures its high precision and reliability
in operation. Its high precision allows for smooth, stable, and safe
operation of the crane.

2. High Torque Density

Our swing gearbox has a high torque density, which means it can provide
high rotational power while keeping its size and weight to a minimum. This
feature makes our gearbox ideal for marine deck cranes, where space and
weight limitations are critical factors.

3. High Efficiency

Our swing gearbox has a high efficiency, which means it can transmit
rotational power with minimal energy loss, resulting in lower fuel
consumption and reduced operating costs for the crane.

4. Durability

Our swing gearbox is made using high-quality materials and is designed to
withstand harsh marine environments and heavy duty usage. It has a long
service life and requires minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and
repair costs for the crane.

5. Customizable

Our swing gearbox can be customized to meet the specific requirements of
different marine deck cranes. We offer a wide range of options for speed,
torque, and mounting configurations, allowing for easy installation and
integration with different crane systems.

6. Competitive Price

Our swing gearbox is competitively priced, providing a cost-effective
solution for marine deck crane operators without compromising on quality
and performance.

7. Reliable Technical Support

We provide reliable technical support to our customers, including
installation guidance, maintenance instructions, and troubleshooting
assistance. Our technical team is available 24/7 to ensure the smooth
operation of our swing gearbox for marine deck cranes.

When to Replace Your Swing Drive Gearbox for Excavators

  • Unusual Noise: If you hear any unusual noise coming from the excavator’s
    swing gearbox, it could be a sign of wear and tear, indicating that it
    needs to be replaced.
  • Vibration: If you notice any excessive vibration while operating the
    excavator, it could be due to a malfunctioning swing gearbox, which
    needs to be replaced.
  • Leaks: If you notice any fluid leaks from the swing gearbox, it could be
    a sign of damage to the seals or gaskets, which needs to be fixed by
    replacing the gearbox.
  • Reduced Performance: If you notice that the excavator’s swing motion is
    slower or less responsive than usual, it could be due to a faulty swing
    gearbox, which needs to be replaced.
  • Overheating: If you notice that the swing gearbox is overheating, it
    could be due to a malfunctioning lubrication system or damaged internal
    components, indicating that it needs to be replaced.

Swing Gearbox Buying Guide

When buying a swing gearbox for your excavator, it is important to consider
the following parameters to ensure compatibility and optimal performance:

Parameter Importance
Brand and Model of the Excavator Most important
Maximum Swing Torque Important
Speed Ratio Important
Mounting Type Important
Output Shaft Diameter Less important
Rotation Direction Less important
Operating Temperature Less important

Our Advantages

  1. 20+ years of experience in gearbox design and manufacturing.
  2. Wide range of gearbox products, including planetary gearboxes, worm gear
    reducers, helical gear reducers, and bevel gearboxes, suitable for
    various applications in agriculture, engineering machinery, special
    vehicles, and industrial automation.
  3. Advanced manufacturing technology and rigorous quality management
    system to ensure the precision and durability of every gearbox.
  4. Continuous investment in research and development to optimize gearbox
    structure and performance, resulting in low noise, high torque density,
    and efficient transmission.
  5. Flexible customization services to provide tailored solutions for
    customers’ specific application scenarios, including speed ratio
    selection, modular design, and intelligent drive integration.

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Compatible Excavator Brands and Models

  • Caterpillar: 320D, 320DL, 320E, 320EL, 320ELRR, 320FL, etc.
  • Komatsu: PC200-7, PC200-8, PC220-7, PC220-8, PC240-8, etc.
  • Hitachi: EX200-2, EX200-3, EX200-5, EX220-5, ZX210-3, etc.
  • Volvo: EC210B, EC210C, EC240B, EC240C, EC290B, etc.
  • Hyundai: R200W-7, R210LC-7, R220-5, R220-7, R235LCR-9, etc.
  • Kobelco: SK200-6, SK200-8, SK210-6, SK210-8, SK235SR, etc.
  • Doosan: DX210W, DH220LC-7, DH225LC-7, DH300LC-7, etc.

Swing Gearbox Buying Guide

About Us

We are a professional gearbox factory with over 20 years of experience in
designing and manufacturing high-quality gearboxes for various industries.
We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and
services, including advanced manufacturing technology, flexible
customization, and reliable technical support. Our swing gearbox for
marine deck cranes is one of our most popular products, recognized for its
high precision, high torque density, and durability. Contact us today to
learn more about our swing gearbox and other gearbox products.

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Author: Miya