Swing Gearbox for Mobile Cranes

Swing Gearbox for Mobile Cranes

Swing Gearbox for Mobile Cranes


Swing gearboxes are essential components of mobile cranes. They play a crucial role in the crane’s ability to rotate. A high-quality swing gearbox can provide a smooth and precise rotation, while a poor-quality one can lead to issues such as increased wear and tear, reduced accuracy, and even safety hazards.

Advantages of Choosing Our Gearboxes

  1. Extensive industry experience: With over 20 years of market experience, we have accumulated rich gearbox design and manufacturing experience, enabling us to accurately grasp industry development trends and meet the needs of various complex working conditions.
  2. Comprehensive product line: From standard to customized, our products cover a variety of types, including planetary gearboxes, worm gear reducers, bevel gear reducers, umbrella gearboxes, etc., suitable for agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, special vehicles, industrial automation, and other fields.
  3. Precision manufacturing process: We use advanced production equipment and rigorous quality management system to ensure that each gearbox undergoes strict quality inspection during the production process, ensuring product accuracy and durability.
  4. Innovative technology research and development: We continue to invest in research and development efforts, continuously optimizing product structure and performance. Our gearbox has the characteristics of low noise, high torque density, and efficient transmission, and is adaptable to operate stably in harsh environments.
  5. Flexible custom service: For customers’ special application scenarios and needs, we provide comprehensive customized solutions, including but not limited to different speed ratio selection, modular design, and integrated intelligent drive technology.

Signs that You Need to Replace Your Swing Drive Gearbox

  • Unusual noises or vibrations during rotation
  • If you hear strange noises or feel unusual vibrations during the rotation of your mobile crane, it may be a sign that your swing drive gearbox needs to be replaced. These noises and vibrations can indicate that the gears are worn out or damaged, or that the lubrication system is not working correctly.

  • Leaking oil
  • If you notice oil leaks around the swing gearbox, it may be a sign of a damaged seal or gasket, which can compromise the performance and lifespan of the gearbox.

  • Reduced rotation speed or power
  • If the crane’s rotation speed or power has decreased, it may be due to a malfunctioning gearbox. This can be caused by worn out or damaged gears, a damaged hydraulic motor, or a clogged filter.

  • Increased wear and tear on other crane components
  • An old or damaged swing gearbox can cause increased wear and tear on other crane components, such as rollers and slewing rings. If you notice increased wear and tear on these parts, it may be time to replace your swing drive gearbox.

Swing Gearbox Buying Guide

When purchasing a swing gearbox, it is important to determine which parameters need to be considered to ensure compatibility with your mobile crane. Below are some key parameters to keep in mind:

Parameter Description
Rotation torque This refers to the maximum torque that the gearbox can provide during rotation.
Rotation speed This refers to the maximum rotation speed that the gearbox can handle.
Mounting type There are different types of mounting options, such as flange and foot mounting. It is important to ensure that the mounting type of the gearbox matches that of the crane.
Shaft diameter This refers to the diameter of the gearbox’s output shaft. It is important to ensure that the shaft diameter is compatible with the crane’s input shaft diameter.
Operating temperature range It is important to ensure that the gearbox can operate within the temperature range of the crane’s working environment.

Compatible Mobile Crane Brands and Models

  • Hitachi ZX360
  • Komatsu PC300
  • Caterpillar 320C
  • Volvo EC210B
  • Hyundai R210LC-7
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With over 20 years of experience in the gearbox industry, our factory is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Our gearboxes are designed to deliver precision, durability, and efficiency, making them an ideal choice for mobile crane applications.

We have a professional technical service team that can provide customers with comprehensive technical support, installation guidance, and after-sales maintenance services, ensuring that the gearbox maintains good working condition throughout its entire life cycle. Our products are exported to various countries and regions around the world and have won wide recognition and praise from domestic and foreign customers, demonstrating our competitiveness in the global market.

Author: Miya