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The timing pulley is an indispensable part of the transmission system. It is widely used in factories, equipment, and machinery. As a professional timing pulley manufacturer in India, Xinlan provides high-quality products with competitive prices and professional services.

Product Introduction

Timing pulleys are made from nylon, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. They are produced by CNC machining and come in a variety of tooth shapes. Different standards are also available, including European and American standards. The installation holes can be pilot bolts, tap bolts, and QD bolts. Flange flanges and various material choices are also available, such as aluminum alloy, steel, and stainless steel.

Product Selection

When selecting a timing pulley, customers need to consider several factors. Firstly, they should choose the appropriate standards. European standards are usually specified for most European countries, while American standards are more commonly used in the United States. Secondly, customers should consider the tooth shape, installation holes, and whether flange flanges are present. Lastly, customers should decide on the material used. Aluminum alloy, steel, and stainless steel are all available.

Installation, Disassembly, and Maintenance

Installing, disassembling, and maintaining a timing pulley is relatively easy. For installation, customers can use a wrench or a power screwdriver. For disassembly, customers should use the same tools used for installation. To maintain the product, customers should regularly check for wear and tear and lubricate the pulley as needed. We also provide timing belts to be used in conjunction with the pulleys.

Xinlan – Professional Manufacturer of Timing Pulleys

Xinlan is a professional manufacturer of timing pulleys in India. We have multiple production lines and a team of professional engineers. We can also accept OEM brands and non-standard customization from customers. Our products are of high quality and competitively priced. We also provide thoughtful services to our customers.

Xinlan – Your Go-To Source for Timing Pulleys and Other Transmission Accessories

At Xinlan, we supply a wide range of transmission accessories, including various gearboxes, chains, sprockets, gears, and pulleys. All transmission related accessories can be found in our company. We also provide discounted prices and thoughtful service.

Experience the Quality of Xinlan’s Timing Pulleys!

Xinlan provides high-quality products at competitive prices and thoughtful service. Our products have been used in various industries, including automotive, construction, and agriculture. Experience the quality of Xinlan’s timing pulleys and other transmission accessories now!