Track Drive Planetary Gearbox for Amphibious Excavators

Track Drive Planetary Gearbox for Amphibious Excavators

Track drive planetary gearbox is an essential component in amphibious excavators. It plays a crucial role in making the machine move on the water and the land. Without it, the machine wouldn’t be able to work as it should.

Installation and function

The track drive gearbox is installed on the undercarriage of amphibious excavators. It is responsible for driving the tracks and making the machine move. It is located between the hydraulic motor and the undercarriage frame. The gearbox is sealed to keep water or dust from entering the system.

Working principle

The working principle of the track drive gearbox is simple. The hydraulic motor drives the gearbox, which in turn drives the sprockets. The sprockets engage with the tracks and move them. The gearbox is designed to handle high torque and ensure smooth operation.

Performance requirements

  • The gearbox must be able to handle harsh environments, including muddy, sandy, and wet conditions.
  • It must have high torque density to drive the tracks efficiently.
  • The gearbox should be low noise to avoid disturbing the operator and wildlife.
  • It must be durable and reliable to minimize downtime and repair costs.

Our company

Track Drive Gearbox

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Author: Miya