what does l on automatic gearbox mean

Understanding the “L” on Automatic Gearbox and Its Significance

What Does “L” on Automatic Gearbox Mean?

The “L” on an automatic gearbox stands for “Low”. This setting is used when you need more power from the engine, typically when driving up steep hills, towing a heavy load, or driving at low speeds over difficult terrain. When you put your vehicle in “L”, it prevents the automatic transmission from shifting into higher gears, thus keeping the vehicle in a lower gear ratio for a longer period of time.

Features and Advantages of the “L” Setting on Automatic Gearbox

The “L” setting on an automatic gearbox offers several notable advantages. These include:

  • Improved Traction: By keeping the engine in a lower gear, the “L” setting allows for better traction and control, especially in slippery or rough conditions.
  • Increased Engine Braking: When going downhill, using the “L” setting can help slow the vehicle down through engine braking, reducing the need for constant use of the brakes.
  • Greater Power: The “L” setting delivers more power to the drive wheels, which can be useful when towing heavy loads or navigating steep inclines.

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