what does m mean on automatic gearbox


Understanding the ‘M’ in Automatic Gearbox and its Significance

Understanding the ‘M’ in Automatic Gearbox and its Significance

In the world of automobiles, many people often wonder what the ‘M’ on an automatic gearbox stands for. This article aims to demystify the meaning of this term and shed light on its importance in vehicles.

What does ‘M’ Mean on an Automatic Gearbox?

The ‘M’ on an automatic gearbox stands for Manual. This mode gives drivers the flexibility to shift gears manually, without the interference of an automatic system. It is especially useful in situations that require more control, like driving downhill or overtaking.

Advantages of the ‘M’ Mode

Using the ‘M’ mode on an automatic gearbox has several benefits:

  • It offers more control over the vehicle’s speed and performance.
  • It can assist in engine braking, which is helpful when driving downhill.
  • It allows for more power when overtaking or accelerating.

Applications of ‘M’ Mode in Various Gearboxes

The ‘M’ mode is not limited to just automatic gearboxes. It can also be found in other types of gearboxes such as worm gearboxes, agricultural gearboxes, and planetary gearboxes.

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