CAT 2 3-Point Quick Hitch for 3-PT Tractor (Category Ⅱ)

  • High Compatibility
  • No Drilling Required
  • Rigid Alloy Steel
  • Reinforced Structure
  • Effortless Operation

CAT 2 3-point Quick Hitch

The quick tractor hitch has a high adaptability to tractors. It is mainly used for Class 1 and Class 2 tractors and can be installed without damaging the tractor. The 3-point quick coupling device is made of alloy steel with high strength and strong compression resistance. The tractor's quick hitch enhances stability by thickening the base plate and welding triangular steel plates. The detailed design of quick coupling sleeve is very user-friendly. The lever force pulls the lower link downward to save manpower. The pin hook has the function of fixing the position to enhance the safety of operation.

CAT 2 3-Point Quick Hitch for 3-PT Tractor (Category 2)

CAT 2 (Category 2)Quick Hitch for 3-Point Tractor

Category W(IN) H(IN) L(IN) Weight(LB)
CAT 1 27.25 18.5 15-18..5 80
CAT 2 32.75 21.5 15 139
CAT 2 HD 32.5 21.5 15 165
CAT 3 38.25 24.5 19 182
CAT 3 NARROW 32.6 24.5 19 176

Key Features of 3-point Quick Hitch


Category 1 & 2 Tractors

This heavy-duty reinforced 3-point quick hitch is designed to convert your category 1 or category 2 3 point hitch into a quick hitch. It is commonly used in landscaping and construction.

No Welding Needed

This quick hitch comes ready to attach directly to your Tractors 3Pt hitch without any modifications or welding required. The 5-level adjustable top hook can be adjusted and fixed with bolts.

Heavy Duty Alloy Steel

The quick hitch for the tractor adopts high-strength alloy steel, which has high strength and strong compression resistance. Moreover, due to its good plasticity, it is not easy to crack after pressure processing.

Dimensions of Reinforcement

32" x 24" x 9", The top steel plate is thickened, the thickness is 0.16", and a triangle plate strengthens the two sides. The lower lifting pin hooks are located 29" from center to center, 1.25" thickness.

Thoughtful Design

The lower link on the tractor has 3 points quick hitch. The force direction is vertical, with Spring-loaded levers to lock lower lift pins into place. The purpose of the pin hook is to fix the position.

Powder Coating

The surface of the device is treated with powder coating, which has good adhesion, impact resistance, and toughness. In addition, the powder coating has high edge coverage, excellent corrosion resistance performance.

Replace Your Old Quick Hitch

CAT 2 3-Point Quick Hitch for 3-PT Tractor (Category 2)

Three-point tractor quick coupler is widely used in agricultural and construction equipment, and many brands offer this product on the market. Several common brands are listed below:
Speeco  RanchEx  King Kutter  Titan Attachments  CountyLine  Agri-Fab  Land Pride  Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment
Earthquake  Quick Hitch

Our hitch can perfectly replace the following brands. For special sizes, you can customize services with us



3-point Tracker Quick Hitch Installation Guide

The 3-point tractor quick hitch is a convenient connector that quickly connects and separates the tractor and accessory equipment. Here is a simple installation guide:

CAT 2 3-Point Quick Hitch for 3-PT Tractor (Category 2)

  1. Before installing the three-point tractor quick connect device, stop the tractor and lower the lifting mechanism to the lowest position.
  2. Check the tractor bracket and quick coupler for cleanliness and smoothness. Make sure that the transverse pin of the connector is parallel to the tractor bracket.
  3. Install the quick coupler on the top of the tractor lifting bracket. Insert the pin on the bracket into the slot on the connector and ensure that the slot is aligned with the correct pin hole.
  4. Fix the bottom of the connector on the tractor bracket. Use bolts and nuts to fix the bracket at the bottom of the connector and the tractor bracket together.
  5. Adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the connector. Make sure that the gear slot on the horizontal side faces outward so that it can be used to connect accessory equipment. The connector on the vertical side shall be placed in the center of the horizontal plane.
  6. Finally, check the operation of the connector. Ensure that the connector can be easily locked to the accessory equipment and can be used safely.

The above is a simple guide for the installation of the three-point tractor quick coupler, but the specific installation method can still be fine-tuned according to different types of quick coupler. It is better to read the installation guide provided by the manufacturer carefully, which will ensure that you install and use the quick coupler correctly.

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27.25 IN


18.5 IN

Lifting Capacity


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Customer Reviews

Install the tractor perfectly

Rated 5 out of 5
March 22, 2023

Convenient and fast installation on a tractor. Additional bushings are indeed required to properly install the bracket.


Great for Need & Price

Rated 5 out of 5
March 21, 2023

Only used a couple of times but it does what I purchased it for.


Solid and well shipped

Rated 5 out of 5
March 17, 2023

I contacted Mr. Shen from here, who is a very responsible person and recommended this quick hitch for me.

It works well on my compact Kubota tractor, with a 5-foot long Land Pride bush pig (with one or two cat bushes added). The unit arrived in good condition and the box was almost undamaged. No bent tabs or other issues.