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  • Detachable Link Chains

    Detachable Link Chains

    CASTING DETACHABLE CHAINS is the first malleable iron chain to be used extensively intended for industry-wide applications. It really is a light-weight, low cost chain obtainable in a full selection of sizes and can be used in a wide selection of applications where light and...

  • Chain Mc33

    Chain Mc33

    MC33 Conveyor Chain DOUBLE FLEX CHAIN is a detachable-type chain with a durable, double flex design for both horizontal turning and standard articulation.It retains its pulling power around the curves with center line radii as small as 18 inches. Its wide-web best design...

  • Chain Cc600

    Chain Cc600

    CC600 Chains and Sprockets Product Information Case conveyor chains are suitable for many applications with harsh environmental conditions. They are available in plastic, steel or stainless steel. You can rely on the cast steel chain C600 to deal with the toughest traction...

  • Cast Combination Chains

    Cast Combination Chains

    Combination Chains used extensively in the cement.paper and pulp, quarrying, and mining industries for elevating and conveying a multitude of abrasive and non-abrasive materials.Additionally it is acquiring many uses generally commercial assembly conveyors. It is not...

  • Cast Caterpillar Chain

    Cast Caterpillar Chain

    Conveyor construction can withstand severe stress for extended periods of time, as does the track chain that drives them. Although these chains do not become butterflies like insects of the same name during their life cycle, they are strong and strong and have been produced...

  • Coupling Chain

    Coupling Chain

    Chain Coupling Sprockets Double Roller Chain Flexible Shaft Coupling Sprockets in Hardened Steel with Stock Bore for re-boring, to 5″ maximum bore in a variety of sizes from – No. 40 through No. 120 chain. All components required for a complete coupling are stocked, including...

  • Pipe Wrench Chain

    Pipe Wrench Chain

    Typically used during the construction of large pipe works, the Pipe Wrench chain is used to firmly handle pipes in confined spaces by attaching to the pipe and the pipe wrench handle to form a flexible ligament. Our Pipe Wrench chain is an exceptionally heavy duty, strong...

  • Steel Materials Drawbench Chain

    Steel Materials Drawbench Chain

    This range of drive chain is designed to drag the steel draw bench which is commonly used in steel plants, steel pipe making plants, structural steel cold drawing plants, as well as many other industrial uses. It is applicable for carrying of high impact load under low speed...

  • Lumber Conveyor Chain

    Lumber Conveyor Chain

    We are specialised in producing Agricultural Roller Chain, Flat Top Chain,Caterpillar Track Chain,Hollow Pin Chain,Conveyor Chain for Beer Filling and Packing Line,Paver Chain,Attachment Sidebar Elevator Chain,Bucket Elevator Chain (Cement Mill Chain),Forging Scraper...

  • Double Flex Chain

    Double Flex Chain

    DF3498 Chain is designed to rotate on two planes and travel in multiple directions with a large sliding surface, making it an ideal chain for a very wide range of applications. The design of the chain allows maximum flexibility so the chain can travel around obstacles and...

  • Loading Chain

    Loading Chain

    we provide safe and reliable solutions for all your chain lifting applications. Our lifting chains are engineered specifically to provide strength and stability while moving and suspending heavy loads. We offer various chain types depending on your needs — lifting capability,...

  • Loading Chain For Metallurgical

    Loading Chain For Metallurgical

    Features Straight side plate design to ensure maximum finite fatigue strength Ball-drifted inner and outer plates for maximum press-fit bearing area Maximum pre-load minimizes initial chain elongation and maximizes chain life Shot peened sideplates and rollers for extreme...

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