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  • Loading Chain For Automobile

    Loading Chain For Automobile

    Chain conveyors utilize a powered continuous chain arrangement, carrying a series of single pendants. The chain arrangement is driven by a motor , and the material suspended on the pendants are conveyed. Chain conveyors are used for moving products down an assembly line...

  • Forging Scraper Chain

    Forging Scraper Chain

    Forged Scraper Chain The forged scraper chain is comprised of the scraper-integrated link plates, or the combination of scraper-integrated link plates and dragging chain plates. All its link plates are forged. The alloy steel pins undergo integral heat treatment or high...

  • Paver Chain

    Paver Chain

    Paver Chain As its name indicates, the paver chain is especially designed for road pavers. Similar roller chains for other types of engineering vehicles are also available. The engineering class chain is designed in double strand chain structure, and has a scraper welded...

  • Sharp Top Chain

    Sharp Top Chain

    SHARP TOP CHAIN FEATURES High-precision teeth for optimal grip and least amount of penetration Heat treated shot peened pins, bushings, rollers, and side plates for optimal fatigue strength and working life Low draft tooth profile that distributes weight and reduces losses...

  • Wt Drag Chain

    Wt Drag Chain

    The drag chain test made with our equipment certifies the cable capability of bending along the chain path. The movement patterns are run through the classic trapezoidal course profile for reflecting the stress put on the cable in the Customer’s application. The cable is...

  • Drag Chain

    Drag Chain

    Our system offers you a complete system solution for many fields of operations, such as cable drag chains, guide molds, leads, strain relief, and assembling. Our chains have proven their quality and longevity under extreme constant loads and environmental influences. Our...

  • Car Parking Chain

    Car Parking Chain

    We are specialised in producing Agricultural Roller Chain, Flat Top Chain,Caterpillar Track Chain,Hollow Pin Chain,Conveyor Chain for Beer Filling and Packing Line,Paver Chain,Attachment Sidebar Elevator Chain,Bucket Elevator Chain (Cement Mill Chain),Forging Scraper...

  • Table Top Chain

    Table Top Chain

    Features & Benefits: Engineered for a wide range of conveyor applications for many industries Straight-running and side-flexing options for ease of installation, reduced floor space Accommodate unique application environments with innovative surface options Narrow...

  • Steel Pintle Chain

    Steel Pintle Chain

    Its simple style, with open barrel construction, minimizes pin surface contact with chain gearing face, thus reducing the possibility of seizure due to corrosion and the occurrence of material build in the roots of the sprockets. The chain is very suited, therefore, in...

  • Steel Pintle Chain

    Steel Pintle Chain

    400 Class pintle chains are manufactured with high-quality cast offset-style links and hardened steel pins. These chains are available from stock with standard cotters or can be supplied with stainless steel cotters for extremely abrasive applications. Typically these chains...

  • Pintle Chain

    Pintle Chain

    Our 600-class pintle chains offer superior performance, strength, and durability versus other 600 class steel pintle chains. We offer both an import and domestically made in china version of these chains. These are the most commonly used type of pintle chains because they...

  • Forgin Detachable Chain

    Forgin Detachable Chain

    Long-life duration and high strength pre-stretched and anti-fatigue. Produce as your sample or drawing. Sound quality. Forging detachable chain. High quality and low price. 1. Information. We are specialised in producing agricultural roller chain, flat top chain, caterpillar...

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