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  • Long Pitch Conveyor Chain

    Long Pitch Conveyor Chain

    extended pitch roller chain double-pitch series chain extended pitch roller chain, produced to ansi b29.3 standards, have figure-eight-style link plates. their dimensions are similar to standard series chains with the exception of the pitch, which is twice that of the...

  • Conveyor Chain For Grain Machines

    Conveyor Chain For Grain Machines

    Conveyor Chain for Grain Machines The conveyor chain is usually found on grain processing machines. It is available with welded and bended structure types. The welded style is made up of the chain and the scraper blade which are welded together. The bended style comes with...

  • Conveyor Chain For Mine Machinery

    Conveyor Chain For Mine Machinery

    The chain is made up of one or more connecting rings. The chain is used in many fields such as cement, ships, roads, and wharf transportation. The quality and performance of the chain will directly affect the equipment's working efficiency and coal production capacity....

  • Steel Chains

    Steel Chains

    Passing Link chain's wide link design allows the links to pass each other, reducing tangling and kinking. Used as a general utility chain around the farm and other industrial applications. The finish is specifically made for outdoor applications. Steel with grade 304...

  • Duplex Chain

    Duplex Chain

    Product Description We are engaged in offering Duplex Chain . Utilized in diverse industries, our offered chains provide flexibility in loading, unloaded, and change of level applications, owing to which demanded across the globe. Also, our offered chains are available in...

  • Roller Chain

    Roller Chain

    STANDARD ROLLER CHAINS We have a full line of standard ANSI roller chains available. Standard series roller chains include single strand, multi strand, and heavy series. We have also put together a roller chain size chart for help with identifying your existing chain or...

  • 100 Roller Chain

    100 Roller Chain

    ANSI #100 roller chain is utilized in drive and conveying applications around the globe and is the eighth largest size of standard roller chain with a 1.25" pitch (measurement from center of pin to the center of the next pin). More specifically our #100 roller chain...

  • 08b Chain

    08b Chain

    08B ROLLER CHAIN FEATURES Heat-treated and shot peened side plates, rollers, bushings, and pins - This not only increases the fatigue strength of the chain, but it dramatically improves the overall working life and dependability of the chain. Factory pre-loaded - This...

  • 40 Roller Chain

    40 Roller Chain

    This #40 roller chain fully meets all ANSI standards and is a durable, economically priced roller chain that has a tensile strength of 3,700lbs. The Economy Plus series roller chains feature heat-treated side plates to ensure the strength and durability of the roller chain....

  • Metric Chain

    Metric Chain

    Chains are the measuring instrument used in surveying formed by the 100 links of 4mm galvanized mild steel wire. These links are joined by 3 circular or oval wire rings. These rings provide the flexibility to the chains. Every aspect of the life requires some measuring units....

  • Large Pitch Chain

    Large Pitch Chain

    Large Pitch Roller Chain Sprockets In today’s manufacturing landscape the need to go faster, longer, and be more efficient increases every year. Because of this, tolerance and precision on power transmission components becomes more and more important. In the case of Large...

  • Asa Roller Chain

    Asa Roller Chain

    Product Description Single and Multiple Strand Roller Chains conform to the ANSI (American Standard Institute) and are interchangeable with other chains conforming to ANSI Standards.We provide the following types of chains as : Single Double Triplex Quadruplex

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