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  • Metric Roller Chain

    Metric Roller Chain

    For devices engineered and designed in European marketplaces with conformity with International Standards Organization's criteria ISO 606, British specifications BS228, or German requirements DIN 8187, we provide a broad collection of metric metric roller chain roller...

  • Simplex Chain

    Simplex Chain

    We are specialised in producing Agricultural Roller Chain, Flat Top Chain,Caterpillar Track Chain,Hollow Pin Chain,Conveyor Chain for Beer Filling and Packing Line,Paver Chain,Attachment Sidebar Elevator Chain,Bucket Elevator Chain (Cement Mill Chain),Forging Scraper...

  • Heavy Duty Chain

    Heavy Duty Chain

    Heavy roller chain Heavy duty roller chains are manufactured to ANSI B29.1 but have thicker side panels. The thicker side panels not only show improved strength and fatigue resistance of the roller chain, but also reduce stretching and wear over time. Heavy duty roller chains...

  • Rollerless Chain

    Rollerless Chain

    - Heat treatment of all chain components for maximum strength And wear resistance is higher. - All roller chains are preloaded during the manufacturing process, Minimize initial elongation. - Hot dip lubrication ensures all chains Parts are 100% lubricated, extending wear...

  • Double Roller Chain

    Double Roller Chain

    Standard double chain roller chain - All roller chains feature solid rollers that enhance the rotation of the casing while reducing the impact load on the sprocket teeth during operation. - Heat treatment of all chain components for maximum strength and wear resistance. - All...

  • Motorcycle Chain

    Motorcycle Chain

    motocycle chain sprocket kit keep your wheels turning with our wide range of quality motorcycle chain and sprocket kits. we stock chain and sprockets kits from well-known brands and manufacturers. looking for d.i.d chains? we’ve got them! we also have rk racing and triple s...

  • Chain Transmission

    Chain Transmission

    chain transmission We are specialised in creating Agricultural Roller Chain, Flat Top Chain,Caterpillar Monitor Chain,Hollow Pin Chain,Conveyor Chain for Beer Filling and Packing Series,Paver Chain,Attachment Sidebar Elevator Chain,Bucket Elevator Chain (Cement Mill...

  • Elevator Chain

    Elevator Chain

    elevator chain This is a short article to introduce certain basic aspects of bucket elevator chains and bucket elevator conveying systems to non-technical persons. It describes components of something using roller chain & sprockets. A Bucket Elevator can be an economical...

  • Stainless Steel Chain

    Stainless Steel Chain

    The most common and widely used corrosion resistant roller chains in the world are stainless steel chains. This is due to the high corrosion resistance of stainless steel and the extremely wide range of temperatures and applications in which stainless steel chains can be...

  • Elevator Chain

    Elevator Chain

    In many industries, bucket elevators are used to lift aggregates to the beginning of the gravity feed process and are a critical application for many operations. These chains provide maximum and fatigue strength for this application. In addition, our innovative barrier seal...

  • Cogs And Chains

    Cogs And Chains

    Sprockets are gear-like toothed cogs that rotate to keep roller chains and conveyor chains in motion. They are an integral part of any power transmission mechanism. Sprockets are a necessary element of machinery in many industries such as manufacturing, mining, marine,...

  • Bush Chain

    Bush Chain

    Bush chains are manufactured in accordance with ČSN 02 3301 and in dimensions according to ČSN 02 3329. Our manufacturing programme also includes non-standard bush chains produced according to our internal documentation. A bush chain is very similar to the roller chain....

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