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81X Conveyor Chain And Sprocket

81X Conveyor Chain And Sprocket

81X Conveyor Chain

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81X Conveyor Chain

Categories: 81X Conveyor Chain, 81X Heavy Chain, 81X Heavy/Heavy Chain, 81X Kiln Dryer (KD) Chain, Conveyor Chains (Standard & Overhead), Lumber-Wood Industry Chains Tags: Forestry, Lumber, Timber

Industry   No.81X81X H/H81X HVY
Pitch (P)2.6092.6092.609
Roller Width (W)1.0621.0621.062
Roller Diameter (R)0.9050.9050.905
Plate Height (H)1.1221.1221.122
Plate Thickness (T1)0.1560.3120.312
Plate Thickness (T2)0.1560.3120.218
Pin Diam (D)0.4370.4370.437
Overall Width (F)0.9371.261.188
Overall Width (G)1.1251.431.343
Unit of Measure (Inches or   Millimeters)ininin
Average Tensile Strength   (Lbs.)25,00046,00039,400
Average Weight Per Foot   (Lbs./Ft.)

81X Conveyor Chain Sprockets 

 81X Conveyor Chain sprocket

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