Rice Harvester chains

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Hoisting chains


415F1 415F2 415F3
415F4 415F5 415S
415S-A 415SF1 415SF4
415SF6 415SF7 415SF10
415SF16 420JF1
  • In rice harvesters, the hoisting chain is mainly installed in the head hanging part of the harvester to lift and lower the harvester head. The harvester head is the main component used to harvest rice, which needs to be continuously raised and lowered to adapt to different planting densities of rice.



Plucking Conveyor chains

3330T Rice Harvester chain – Agricultural Plucking Conveyor chain


3322 3325 3330
3340 3350 3358
3558 3540 3320
3550 3318T 3322T
3325T 3330T 3335T
3350T 3358T 3558T
  • The plucking conveyor chain is located between the harvesting head (tendril head) and the conveyor belt of the rice harvester. The harvesting head harvests rice grains on the rice stalks, and then the rice grains and straw are transported to the next processing step inside the harvester body through the harvesting chain.

Why Can These chains be used for Rice Harvesting?

The chains used on rice harvesters need to meet the following characteristics:

  1. Adequate load capacity
    The chain needs to provide sufficient power and load capacity to drive different components and mechanisms within the harvester.
  2. Appropriate flexibility
    The chain needs to have sufficient flexibility and bending ability to adapt to the complex transmission lines inside the harvester.
  3. Good wear resistance
    Able to withstand long-term wear and tear in environments such as rice straw and soil particles.
  4. Preventing corrosion
    It can effectively prevent corrosion in damp and dusty environments.
  5. Easy to disassemble and maintain
    Convenient for regular lubrication, inspection, and necessary replacement.
  6. Suitable for forging and heat treatment
    The use of forging and heat treatment can improve hardness, strength, and wear resistance.
  7. Optional from lubricating and non-metallic materials
    It can reduce friction and extend service life.
  8. Compliant with ISO standards
    Ensure dimensional compatibility and replaceability.

We Can Provide Replacement or Repair chains for the Following Brand of Rice Harvesters

  • John Deere
    John Deere’s Rice Harvester,. For example, the 3325T and 3330T series chains can be suitable for their 2510E, 2610E, 4630 and other models.
  • Case IH
    Some models of rice harvesters such as Axial-Flow 2588 and AFX 8010 from Case International.
  • New Holland
    The new Holland rice harvester is located on conveyor belts/sprockets, etc
  • CLAAS, Germany
    Some models of German CLAAS brand rice harvesters such as Lexion 550.
  • Hitachi (Yanmar)
    Some models of Hitachi rice harvesters, such as the Yanmar A3F.

Overall, the corresponding models of the major rice harvester manufacturers mentioned above can all use our rice harvester chains.
Users of different brands may have different needs, but both chains can provide sufficient load capacity, wear resistance, and flexibility to meet driving needs under moderate loads.