Whether you are looking for ANSI or ISO standard sprockets or customizing designs according to your specifications, you can find what you need here. Our product range is wide, covering various sizes, materials, and tooth configurations, suitable for any application. From industrial machinery to agricultural equipment, we have the perfect sprocket to keep your system running smoothly. With our professional knowledge and commitment to quality, you can trust us to provide reliable and durable sprockets to meet your precise requirements.

Product Catalog

    • Standard Sprockets

    P5, P6,  1/4X1/8, P8, 06B, 081-1, 083-1, 1/2X1/4(R7.75), 1/2X1/4(R8.51), 08B,10B, 12B, 16B, Sprocket 20B, 24B, 28B, 32B
    • Plate wheels

    P5, P6, 1/4X1/8, P8, 06B, 081-1,083-1, 1/2X1/4(R7.75),1/2X1/4(R8.51), 08B,10B, 12B, 16B, 20B, 24B, 28B,32B
    • Finished Bore Sprockets

    06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B
    • Taper Bore Sprockets

    06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B, 20B
    • Stainless Steel Sprockets

    • Sprockets for 2 Single Roller Chains ( SD Type)

    06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B
    • Idler Sprockets

    • Table Top Wheels

    • Plate wheels for Conveyor Chains

    P20, P30, P50, P75, P100
    • Cast iron Sprockets

    06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B, 20, 24B
      • Stock Sprockets ( A type and B type American Standard)

      ASA25, ASA35, ASA35-2, ASA35-3, ASA41, ASA40, ASA40-2, ASA40-3, ASA50, ASA50-2, ASA50-3, ASA60, ASA60-2, ASA60-3, ASA80, ASA80-2, ASA80-3, ASA100, ASA100-2, ASA100-3, ASA120, ASA120-2, ASA140, ASA140-2, ASA160, ASA160-2, ASA180, ASA200, ASA200-2
      • BS type Sprockets ( American Standard)

      ASA35, ASA35(HT), ASA41, ASA40, ASA40(HT),ASA50, ASA50(HT), ASA60, ASA60(HT), ASA80, ASA80(HT), ASA80(W), ASA80-2, ASA100
      • Double Pitch Sprockets ( American Standard)

      2040&2042, 2050&2052, 2060&2062, 2080&2082
      • C type Sprockets ( American Standard)

      • Single Double Sprockets  (American Standard)

      ASA40, ASA50,    ASA60, ASA80, ASA100
      • Stainless Steel Sprockets ( American Standard)

      ASA25, ASA35,  ASA40,  ASA50,  ASA60
      • Taper bore and QD sprockets ( American Standard)

      ASA35-1(Taper, QD), ASA35-2(QD),ASA35-3(QD), ASA40-1(Taper, QD), ASA40-2(QD, Taper), ASA40-3(QD),  ASA41(QD), ASA50-1(QD, Taper), ASA50-2 (QD, Taper), ASA50-3(QD), ASA60-1(QD, Taper), ASA60-2(QD, Taper), ASA60-3, ASA80-1(QD, Taper), ASA80-2(QD, Taper), ASA80-3(QD), ASA100(QD, Taper) ASA100-2(QD), ASA100-3(QD), ASA120-1(QD, Taper), ASA120-2(QD), ASA140(QD, Taper), ASA140-2(QD), ASA160(QD, Taper), ASA160-2(QD), ASA200(QD)
      • Weld on Hubs and Weld-on Sprockets ( American Standard)

      • Double Pitch Sprockets Stainless Steel ( American Standard)

      • Engineering Sprockets 

      • K standard sprockets A type (Japanese Standard)

      K25A,K35A, K40A, K50A,K60A, K80A, K100A,K120A, K140A,K160A
      NK Standard Sprockets B Type
      • NK Standard Sprockets B Type ( Duplex) (Japanese Standard)

      NK35-2B, NK40-2B, NK50-2B, NK60-2B, NK80-2B, NK100-2B, NK120-2B
      • High Grade Hardened Teeth Sprockets A Type (Japanese Standard)

      HG40A,HG50A, HG60A, HG80A,HG100A, HG120A,HG140A, HG160A
      • High Grade Hardened Teeth Sprockets B Type ( Duplex) (Japanese Standard)

      G40B-2, HG50-2B, HG60-2B, HG80-2B, HG100-2B, HG120-2B
      • NK Standard Sprockets C Type (Japanese Standard)

      NK100C, NK120C, NK140C, NK160C
      • NK Standard C Type ( Duplex) (Japanese Standard)

      • Single Double Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      40SD, 50SD, 60SD, 80SD
      • Stainless Steel Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      SUS25B, SUS35B, SUS40B, SUS50B, SUS60B, SUS80B
      • EX Standard Sprockets B Type (Japanese Standard)

      EX35B, EX40B, EX50B, EX60B, EX80B, EX100B, EX120B, EX140B, EX160B, EX200
      • Double Pitch Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      NK2040SB, NK2050SB, NK2060SB, NK2080SB, NK2100SB, NK2040RB, NK2050RB, NK2060RB, NK2080RB, NK2100RB
      • Double Pitch Sprockets ( Stainless Steel) (Japanese Standard)

      SUS2040SB, SUS2050SB, SUS2060SB, SUS2040RB, SUS2050RB, SUS2060RB
      • NKN Standard Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      NKN35B, NKN40B, NKN50B, NKN60B
      • FBN Standard Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      FBN15B, FBN25B, FBN35B, FBN40B, FBN50B, FBN60B, FBN80B, FBN100, FBN120
      • SUS FB Standard Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      • FB Double Pitch Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      • FB Single Double Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      • FBK Standard Sprockets (Japanese Standard)

      FBK35B, FBK40B, FBK50B, FBK60B, FBK80
      Platewheel sprockets


      Finished bore sprockets

      Finished Bore Sprockets

      QD sprockets

      QD sprockets

      Taper lock sprockets

      Taper Lock Sprockets

      Idler sprockets

      Idler Sprockets

      Double Pitch Sprockets

      Double Pitch Sprockets

      Table Top sprockets

      Flat Top Sprockets

      Standard bore sprockets

      Standard Bore Sprockets

      weld on HUB sprockets

      Weld on Sprockets & Hub

      Stainless steel sprockets

      Stainless Steel Sprockets

      Cast iron Sprockets

      Cast Iron Sprockets

      Plastic sprockets

      Plastic Sprockets

      Scraper conveyor sprocket

      Scraper Conveyor Sprocket

      Bucket elevator sprocket

      Bucket Elevator Sprocket

      Boiler Sprocket

      Boiler Sprocket

      Hoist Sprocket

      Hoist Sprocket

      Split sprocket

      Split Sprocket

      agricultural sprocket

      Aagricultural Sprockets

      Precision Customization, Expert in Sprocket Design

      How to

      Customized Sprockets

      When customizing a sprocket, it is best to communicate with a professional sprocket manufacturer or supplier, who can provide customized solutions based on your specific needs and ensure that the sprocket matches your transmission system perfectly.

      When customizing a sprocket, you need to determine the following parameters to meet your specific needs:

      Customize the sprocket according to the diagram

      1. Number of teeth: Determine the number of teeth on the sprocket, which depends on the requirements and design of your transmission system. The number of teeth directly affects the transmission ratio and speed ratio.
      2. Module or tooth pitch: For European standard sprockets, module is a parameter that measures the tooth pitch of the gear; For American standard sprockets, tooth pitch refers to the number of teeth per inch. You need to determine the appropriate modulus or pitch to meet the needs of the transmission system.
      3. Chain specifications: If you need the sprocket to be used in conjunction with a specific model or specification of the chain, please ensure to provide the relevant chain specifications (such as chain size, chain plate width, etc.) to ensure compatibility between the sprocket and the chain.
      4. Material: Determine the material selection for the sprocket, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. Select appropriate materials to meet the requirements of strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance based on application requirements and environmental conditions.
      5. Surface treatment: Select appropriate surface treatments such as heat treatment, galvanizing, coating, etc. as needed to improve the durability and corrosion resistance of the sprocket.
      6. Special requirements: If you have other special requirements, such as specific accuracy requirements, shaft hole sizes, keyways, etc., make sure to provide this information for customization.



      roller chain with sprocket

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