WWH Series PTO Shaft Walterscheid Replacement WWH2280 WWH2380 WWH2480 WWH2580 Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

The PTO shaft we produce can perfectly replace the Walterscheid brand’s PTO shaft, because our PTO shaft has a very high level of quality, performance, and reliability.
Our produced PTO shaft can perfectly replace the Walterscheid brand PTO shaft, providing you with a more efficient, reliable, and durable PTO shaft solution. Whether you are a high-end tractor brand or an ordinary tractor brand, we can meet your needs.

WWH Series PTO Shaft

The WWH Series PTO drive shaft provides proven Walter scheid technology, perfect for all application fields. The outstanding advantages of this Walter scheid power output shaft include long service life, convenient use, and good safety performance. For decades, Walterscheid has been the guarantee of the highest quality. The size of the W series is suitable for powertrain tasks, from simple to complex. It left a deep impression on users with its sturdy design and high reliability for daily use. Another advantage: All components in the PTO drive shaft W series can be easily replaced to increase usability or whether spare parts are needed.WWH Series PTO Shaft Walterscheid Replacement WWH2280 WWH2380 WWH2480 WWH2580 Agricultural Tractor PTO Driveline

Size L(mm) Guard Tube A
WWH2380 1125 SDF15 0vGA QSGYoke 1 3/8” x 6  Spline
WWH2380 1125 SDF25 1bGA
WWH2480  1134 SDF25 1bGA
WWH2480  1134 SDF25  S4LGA


Size L(mm) Guard Tube A
WWH2480 1134 SDF25 1bGA D0PGYoke 1 3/8” x 6  Spline
WWH2480 1134 SDF25 S4LGA
WWH2580  1114 SDF25 S4GA
Size L(mm) Guard Tube A
WWH2280 1045 SDF15Z 1G D0PGYoke
WWH2380 1030 SDF15Z 1G
WWH2380 1010 SDF25Z 2aG
WWH2480 1010 SDF25Z  2aG
WWH2480 1010 SDF25Z S5
WWH2580 975 SDF25Z S5

WWH Series PTO Tube

0vGA 1bGA 1G 2aG S4LGA S4GA S5

PTO Shaft Safety & Working Conditions   

Please read carefully before use"Use and Maintenance" handbookBefore starting to work, make sure that

  • Ensure that all driveline, tractor and implement shields are functional and in place before operationDamaged or missing parts must be replaced with original spare parts, correctly installed,before using the driveline.

    PTO Shaft Safety & Working Conditions   

  • The drive shaft must not exceed the speed and power conditions specified in the machine operation manual, and any safety devices must be engaged on the machine side. Rotating parts must be protected.
  • the Pto drive shaft joint does not operate continuously with an angle close to 80but only for brief periods(steering)
  • Do not exceed the maximum elongation conditions while working
  • DANGERI Rotating driveline- contact can cause death. Keep away! Do not wear loose clothing, jewelryor hair that could become entangled with the driveline

    PTO Shaft Safety & Working Conditions   

  • The transmission must be transported horizontally to prevent accidents(since it may slip out) or to avoiddamage to safety guards. Depending on the weight, use a suitable means of transport

    PTO Shaft Safety & Working Conditions  

  • Never use the safety chains to support the driveline for storageAlways use the support on the implement

    PTO Shaft Safety & Working Conditions  

  • Do not stand on the driveline. Do not step over, or go under the driveline
  • Disengage the P.T. o, tum off the tractor engine and remove key before approaching theor performing maintenance work

PTO Shaft Factory in China

PTO Shaft Factory in China

We are one of the leading suppliers of PTO shafts and accessories in China.
We provide manufacturers and mechanical parts distributors with a complete range of shafts.
Our PTO shaft series includes standard shafts, safety bolt shafts, free wheel clutch shafts, and wide angle shafts. We offer our own brands as well as well-known European brands such as Binacchi, Bondioli&Pavesi, and La Magdalena.
We also provide a series of replacement and spare parts, such as safety covers, shaft tubes,
Universal joint, yoke end and shear bolt. These items are easily connected to your existing items
However, all repairs and replacements of the power take-off shaft must be carried out by qualified personnel.
In addition, you will also find a series of complementary products that can be used in conjunction with our PTO series or include PTO functions.
Your request is not included in this catalog. Please contact your sales representative and we will be happy to try providing you with information.
All axes listed in this catalog are CE certified

We not only provide pto shafts, but also provide related pto accessories, as well as gearboxes for use with pto shafts. We can provide you with solutions for all the agricultural machinery accessories you need to protect your agricultural machinery

Agricultural Gearboxes

Accessories of PTO Shaft

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März 22, 2023

Convenient and fast installation on a tractor. Additional bushings are indeed required to properly install the bracket.


Great for Need & Price

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März 21, 2023

Only used a couple of times but it does what I purchased it for.


Solid and well shipped

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März 17, 2023

I contacted Mr. Shen from here, who is a very responsible person and recommended this quick hitch for me.

It works well on my compact Kubota tractor, with a 5-foot long Land Pride bush pig (with one or two cat bushes added). The unit arrived in good condition and the box was almost undamaged. No bent tabs or other issues.