Cilindro hidráulico para carretillas elevadoras

The hydraulic cylinder plays an important role in the forklift truck. It is one of the key components of the forklift truck hydraulic system, which is used to provide power and control the lifting, tilting and side moving functions of the forklift truck.

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What are the Different Hydraulic Cylinders for Forklifts

Hydraulic Cylinder for Forklift

Forklifts usually have multiple hydraulic cylinders, which are located in the following parts and play different roles:

  • Fork tilt hydraulic cylinder

    the hydraulic cylinder is located at the fork connection point or at the bottom of the forklift to control the tilt angle of the fork. It enables the fork to tilt forward or backward to meet the loading and unloading requirements of goods.

  • Forklift lifting hydraulic cylinder

    the hydraulic cylinder is located in the main lifting system of the forklift, usually at the bottom or frame of the forklift. It is responsible for controlling the up and down movement of the forklift so that the forklift can lift and lower the goods.

  • Forklift steering hydraulic cylinder

    the hydraulic cylinder is located in the steering system of the forklift, usually on the frame or steering mechanism. It is used to control the steering operation of the forklift, so that the operator can adjust the direction and steering angle of the forklift.

  • Forklift distance adjustment hydraulic cylinder

    this hydraulic cylinder is usually used for a specific type of forklift, which is located on the side or rear of the fork. It is used to adjust the width of the fork to adapt to different sizes of goods.

It should be noted that different models and types of forklifts may have different hydraulic cylinder configurations and positions. For example, some large forklifts may be equipped with multiple lifting cylinders to increase lifting capacity, while some special purpose forklifts may have additional hydraulic cylinders to support specific functions.
Each hydraulic cylinder plays a key role in the operation of the forklift truck. Through the control of the hydraulic system, they work together to provide the lifting, tilting, sideshift and expansion functions of the forklift truck. The correct operation and maintenance of these hydraulic cylinders are essential for the safe and efficient operation of forklifts.

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