Cilindro hidráulico de elevación de aceite para carro vehículo furgoneta

Discover the working principles and versatile applications of cart oil cylinders. From material handling to automotive maintenance and agriculture, these hydraulic devices provide efficient lifting power for enhanced productivity. Explore our range today

Working Principles of Cart Oil Lift Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Power at Work: The cart oil cylinder operates on the principles of hydraulic power. It consists of a cylinder barrel, a piston, and hydraulic fluid. When pressure is applied to the hydraulic fluid, typically through a pump, it generates force that moves the piston within the cylinder. This force is then transmitted to the lifting mechanism of the cart, allowing for efficient and smooth lifting operations.Cilindro hidráulico de elevación de aceite para carro vehículo furgoneta

Pascal's Law in Action: The working principle of the cart oil cylinder is based on Pascal's law, which states that pressure exerted on a fluid in a confined space is transmitted equally in all directions. In the case of the oil cylinder, the hydraulic fluid is confined within the cylinder, and when pressure is applied, it evenly distributes throughout the fluid, creating a force that moves the piston. This force is then utilized to lift and support heavy loads on the cart.

Control and Precision: The cart oil cylinder offers precise control over lifting operations. By adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic fluid, operators can regulate the lifting speed and force according to their specific requirements. This level of control ensures safe and efficient lifting, allowing for precise positioning of the cart and its cargo.

Parámetros de atributo del cilindro hidráulico para elevador de carros

Parámetros de atributo del cilindro hidráulico para elevador de carros Parámetros de atributo del cilindro hidráulico para elevador de carros
Nombre del cilindro Número de sorteo Diámetro interior (D) Diámetro de la varilla (d) Accidente cerebrovascular (S) Distancia de instalación (L) Presión de trabajo Dimensiones de la interfaz (M) Peso
Lift cylinder for Cart AIMBN156-620000-001 Φ45 Φ40 125 313 18MPa M12*1.5 6.5kg
Lift cylinder for Cart AIMBJ150-620000-000 Φ40 Φ35 155 354.7 22MPa Φ6 6.5kg
Lift cylinder for Cart AIMBA200-620000-000 Φ45 Φ40 155 355 20MPa Φ6 6.5kg
Lift cylinder for Cart EPT18H-301-00 Φ40 Φ35 120 233 25MPa M12*1.5 3.6kg

Versatile Applications of Cart Oil Cylinders

Material Handling and Logistics: Cart oil cylinders find extensive use in material handling and logistics applications. They are commonly employed in lifting equipment such as hand pallet trucks, stackers, and trolleys. These cylinders provide the necessary lifting power to handle heavy loads, making them essential for warehouse operations, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Automotive and Maintenance: In automotive workshops and maintenance facilities, cart oil cylinders play a vital role in lifting vehicles and heavy machinery. Whether it's for routine maintenance, repairs, or inspections, these cylinders enable mechanics to raise vehicles to convenient working heights, providing easy access to the undercarriage and other components.

Industrial and Construction: The robustness and lifting capabilities of cart oil cylinders make them ideal for various industrial and construction applications. They are frequently utilized in carts and trolleys used in factories, construction sites, and assembly lines. From transporting materials to lifting components during assembly, these cylinders enhance efficiency and productivity in demanding industrial environments.

Retail and Warehousing: In retail and warehousing settings, cart oil cylinders contribute to efficient stock management and inventory operations. They enable the lifting and movement of heavy containers, pallets, and shelves, allowing for easy organization, restocking, and retrieval of goods. With the help of cart oil cylinders, businesses can streamline their warehousing processes and optimize storage space utilization.

Agricultural and Farming: Cart oil cylinders are also employed in agricultural and farming applications. They are utilized in carts and trailers for lifting and transporting agricultural produce, feed, and equipment. Additionally, these cylinders assist in the operation of equipment such as agricultural sprayers, seeders, and harvesters, providing the necessary lifting power for efficient farming practices.

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