Boîte de vitesses agricole

The gearbox of agricultural machinery is an important component in agricultural machinery, which is usually a combination of one or more gears, shafts, bearings, and seals. Its main function is to output power to the rotating shaft of agricultural machinery to drive the operation of agricultural machinery equipment.
Different types of agricultural machinery require different types of agricultural machinery gearboxes, such as tractors, harvesters, transplanters, etc. The design of agricultural machinery gearboxes needs to consider various factors, such as the capacity, output speed, load size, usage environment, etc., to ensure that they can meet the usage requirements of agricultural machinery.

Product List

Boîte de vitesses agricole

agricultural rotary lawn mower gearbox

Rotary Lawn Mower Gearbox

agricultural post hole digger gearbox

Boîte de vitesses pour excavatrice de trou de poteau

hydraulic motor gearbox

Gearbox For Hydraulic Motor

rice harvester gearbox

Rice Harvester Gearbox

fertilizer sprayers gearbox

Boîte de vitesses pour épandeurs d'engrais

sprayers gearbox

Sprayer Gear Unit

feed mixer gearbox

Feed Mixer Gearbox

side delivery rake gearbox

Side-delivery Rake Gearbox

pto speed increase gearbox

PTO Speed Increase Gearbox

rotary tiller gearbox

Rotary Tiller (Cultivator) Gearbox

grain storage gearbox

Grain Storage / Transportation Gearbox

Farm Center Pivot Gear Box Drive Wheel gearbox

Center Pivot Irrigation Gearbox

agricultural power harrows gearbox

Power Harrows Gearbox

balers gearbox

Baler Gearbox

snowblower gearbox

Snowblower Gearbox

agricultural gearbox

Other Agricultural Gearboxes

Other Agricultural Gearboxes

vertical gear unit

Vertical Gear Units

Sp gear unit

SP Gear Unit

parallel shaft gear unit

Parallel Shaft Gear Unit

cast iron gear unit

Cast Iron Angle Gear Unit

aluminum housing gearbox

Aluminium Right Angle Gear Unit

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Xinlan Group is committed to the development, manufacturing, sales, and service of transmissions, with products covering various series such as gearboxes, agricultural machinery accessories, PTO shafts, and nearly dry specifications. Widely used in various fields such as lawn mowers, harvesters, rotary tillers, pesticide sprayers, fertilizer applicators, potato harvesters, snow plows, garden machinery, and oil extraction equipment. We provide high-quality products and professional services to multiple countries and regions around the world in the Chinese and international agricultural machinery transmission markets

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It can be used for induction quenching, vacuum quenching, carburizing, carbonitriding, ion nitriding, mesh belt quenching and other hot working

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Advanced assembly line, professional training and experienced assembly workers, advanced on-site management and deployment, with a daily assembly capacity of over 1000 units

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Automatic Spray Painting Line

It can effectively improves production efficiency. Realize the integration of gearbox automatic spray cleaning, surface care, and electrostatic spray online curing and drying

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Adequate warehouse inventory to handle large quantities of orders and ensure delivery time


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pto shaft
pto shaft

Generally, agricultural machinery gearboxes are used with PTO shafts, which transmit power to the gearbox to achieve the operation of agricultural tools. If you need to learn more about the PTO shafts, you can click on the button below