Chaînes agricoles

Our agricultural chain adopts high-quality materials, professional design, and advanced technology to ensure that the chain has performance such as wear resistance, medium impact resistance, high strength, high fatigue, high reliability, and long service life, meeting the usage requirements of less lubrication, more dust, high load, and multiple impact harsh working conditions in agricultural production

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  • Provide transmission and conveying functions for agricultural machinery, achieving mechanization of the entire process from cultivation, sowing to harvesting. Mainly used as harvesting machinery for crops such as rice, wheat, corn, cotton, etc.
  • Using highly wear-resistant, high-strength, and long-life specialized materials and advanced process design, it can withstand frequent rolling, impact, and dust environments under agricultural production conditions.
  • The product series includes  Chaînes agricoles de type S, Chaînes agricoles de type A, Chaînes agricoles de type CA, Combiner les chaînes, Chaînes de récolte du riz, Chaînes pour cultivateurs rotatifs, ZGS38 Combine Chain, Pintle Chain and Chain Attachments. Ensure that the stress requirements of various agricultural machinery chassis and harvesting heads are met.
  • Through continuous improvement, we aim to achieve the goals of high efficiency, durability, easy maintenance, and low operating costs in the agricultural machinery chain,. Ensure the stable and efficient operation of agricultural machinery.

Chaînes agricoles de type S

Chaînes agricoles de type A

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Chaînes agricoles de type CA

Combiner les chaînes

Chaînes de récolte du riz

Chaînes pour cultivateurs rotatifs

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Chaînes de moissonnage-battage ZGS38