Hydraulic Bulldozing Cylinder for Small Excavator

The ‘Hydraulic Bulldozing Cylinder’ is a hydraulic cylinder installed on the Bulldozer Blade of a small excavator. It plays a role in controlling the lifting and tilting of the bulldozer.

Bulldozing Cylinder

The 'Hydraulic Bulldozing Cylinder' is a hydraulic cylinder installed on the Bulldozer Blade of a small excavator. It plays a role in controlling the lifting and tilting of the bulldozer.Hydraulic Bulldozing Cylinder for Small Excavator
The working principle of hydraulic bulldozer is as follows:

  1. Lifting function: When the piston of the hydraulic bulldozer extends outward, the bulldozer plate will compact the ground downwards; When the piston retracts, the bulldozer will lift. This movement is caused by the pressure difference between the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic bulldozer cylinder and the piston on both sides. The hydraulic pump delivers hydraulic oil to a piston chamber, and the pressure causes the piston to extend outward, thereby compacting the ground; When hydraulic oil is discharged from another piston chamber, the piston retracts and the bulldozer lifts.
  2. Tilt function: The hydraulic bulldozer can also control the tilt angle of the bulldozer plate. By adjusting the hydraulic oil flow and pressure of the bulldozer cylinder, the bulldozer plate can be tilted in the horizontal direction, thereby changing the tilt angle of the bulldozer plate. This is very important for adjusting ground flatness and implementing specific earthwork operations.

The working principle of hydraulic bulldozer is based on the conversion and control of hydraulic pressure. Through the pressure and flow provided by the hydraulic system, the hydraulic bulldozer cylinder can generate the required thrust and movement, thereby achieving control of the lifting and tilting of the bulldozer plate. The hydraulic bulldozer cylinder works reliably and accurately, allowing the excavator to flexibly carry out bulldozer and leveling operations.

Specification of Bulldozing Cylinder

Hydraulic Bulldozing Cylinder for Small Excavator

Bore diameter: 50mm~140mm
Rod diameter: 25mm~80mm
Maximum 453KN

Features of Bulldozing Cylinder

Our company's small excavator hydraulic bulldozer is a popular and best-selling product. The following are the reasons why customers choose us and our advantages:

  1. Powerful bulldozer capability: Our hydraulic bulldozers are made of advanced design and high-quality materials, possessing excellent bulldozer capabilities. It can provide strong thrust and stable control, enabling excavators to efficiently carry out soil pushing operations and easily cope with various soil and terrain conditions.
  2. Accurate control: Our hydraulic bulldozers are equipped with advanced hydraulic systems and control technology, providing precise lifting and tilting control. Customers can easily adjust the height and angle of the bulldozer to achieve precise ground leveling and earthwork operations.
  3. Highly reliable: We focus on the quality and reliability of our products, and our hydraulic bulldozers have undergone strict quality control and testing. They are sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding heavy loads and prolonged use under harsh working conditions, ensuring that customers can rely on them for continuous operations.
  4. Multi functional application: Our hydraulic bulldozer is suitable for various small excavator models and brands, and has a wide range of adaptability. Regardless of the brand of small excavator owned by customers, we can provide corresponding hydraulic bulldozers to meet their needs.
  5. High quality service: We are committed to providing customers with high-quality pre-sales consultation and after-sales service. Our professional team will provide timely technical support, installation guidance, and maintenance suggestions to customers, ensuring that they can fully utilize our products and obtain a satisfactory user experience.

The customer chose our small excavator hydraulic bulldozer because our product has excellent bulldozer capabilities, precise control, reliability, and wide adaptability. We not only focus on the quality and performance of our products, but also on our cooperative relationships with customers, committed to meeting their needs and providing them with the best solutions. Our goal is to provide customers with excellent products and high-quality services, ensuring that their work is more efficient and smooth.


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