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P76.2F81-G4 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

P76.2F81-G4 Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

Introduction to Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain is a type of conveyor chain used for vertical conveying of bulk materials. It is commonly used in industries such as agriculture, food processing, chemical processing, and building materials.

Working Principle of Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

  • 1. Loading Stage: Materials are filled into the buckets on the bottom of the Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain through gravity, vibration, or other auxiliary devices.
  • 2. Vertical Conveying Stage: When the driving device is started, the conveying chain starts to run in a loop, and drives the buckets connected to it to move upwards. The movement of the chain makes the buckets move along a vertical or near-vertical track during the lifting process.
  • 3. Discharge Stage: The head of the bucket elevator usually has a special structure. When the bucket filled with material reaches the top, it passes through a mechanism called a "discharge port" or "flipper". At this position, the bucket is guided and flipped by a specific design force, and is tilted or flipped.
  • 4. Continuous Cycle Operation: After unloading the material, the empty bucket continues to run down with the chain to the bottom and re-enters the loading area for the next loading cycle.

Applications of Bucket Elevator Conveyor Chain

  • 1. Agriculture: Used for vertical lifting and transportation of grains such as wheat, corn, and rice in the grain processing industry.
  • 2. Grain Storage: In large grain silos, it is used to lift bulk grains from low to high storage tanks or warehouses.
  • 3. Chemical Industry: Used for vertical conveying of powder and granular chemical raw materials in the production process of chemical raw materials.
  • 4. Building Materials Industry: Used for continuous and efficient lifting and transportation of materials such as sand, stone, and cement clinker in cement plants and sand and gravel yards.
  • 5. Food Industry: Used for lifting and transportation of various powdery and granular food raw materials or finished products in places such as flour mills and feed mills.

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