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Ground Spur Gears

Ground Spur Gears

Ground Spur Gears


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Ground Spur Gears

High precision ground spur gears. Suitable for high RPM Applications. Customizing is available for this gears.

Gear teeth Standard full depth Pressure angle 20° Material S45C Heat treatment Tooth surface induction hardened Tooth hardness 50 ~ 60HRC Surface treatment Black oxide coated except for teeth

Module : 0.5 – 10
Number of teeth : 14 to 120
ISO class N5

We offer clients a wide range of Ground Spur Gears which are manufactured as per clients requirements. We offer the highest selection of automotive Spur Gears in Industry. Spur Gears and helical spur gears are used to reduce the noise vibration to get the highest efficiency in gear boxes.

Our automotive spur gears are designed to operate on parallel shafts to..

Spur Gear Modification
We can customize our standard Spur Gears to suit your specific applications, please consult with us. We are offering gear customization services.

We are one of the best manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Helical Gears, Helical Pinion Gears, Industrial Spline Shafts, Industrial Sprocket Gears, Gear Grinding and Thread Grinding.

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