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Plastic Gear Racks

Plastic Gear Racks

Plastic Gear Racks


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Plastic Gear Racks

Specifications Precision grade grade 5

Gear teeth Standard full depth Pressure angle 20°

Material MC901

① The allowable forces shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions.

② The backlash of racks differ depending on the size of the mating pinion. Please calculate the backlash from the backlash value of the mating pinion. Also,

please refer to the data in the section called 'Backlash of Rack Tooth (Amount of Tooth Thinning)'

③ Dimensions of Plastic Racks vary due to temperature and humidity. A 10°C rise in the ambient temperature will cause 0.45 mm increase in the length

per 1000 mm. A 2% moisture absorption will cause approx. 5 mm increase in the length per 1000 mm. Please see the section “Design of Plastic Gears”

in separate technical reference book.

④ The straightness deviation of Plastic Racks is less than 5mm per meter. However, for Plastic Racks with the total length of 1000 mm, the value may exceed

5 mm due to age deterioration. You may correct this error by using the bottom surface as the reference when attaching the racks.


Plastic Gear Racks


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