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Steel Helical Gears

Steel Helical Gears

Steel Helical Gears


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Steel Helical Gears

Custom Helical Gears

HELICAL GEARS, when used on parallel shafts, are similar in usage to spur gears. Where velocities exceed 1000 feet per minute, helical gears provide a stronger, smoother running gear train.

This type of stock gearing is furnished in 45° helix angle. Materials available are hardened steel, steel, stainless, aluminum, bronze, nylon and non-metallic (phenolic).

① The allowable torques shown in the table are calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions.

② The backlash values shown in the table are the theoretical values for the backlash in the normal direction of a pair of identical gears in mesh.

③ These gears produce axial thrust forces.

④ Right handed and left handed helical gears in the same module are designed to mesh as a pair, but SH gears are not interchangeable with other type helical gears.

Inch Crossed Gears—14 1/2° Pressure Angle



section of gear Normal plane

Gear teeth Standard full depth


pressure angle 20°

Helix angle 15°

Material S45C

More size please send us inquire!


Inch Crossed Gears—14 1/2° Pressure Angle


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