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  • Straight Bevel Gear

    Straight Bevel Gear

    Straight Bevel Gears Straight bevel gears are the most common and also the simplest type of bevel gear. True to their name, they have straight teeth and resemble a spur gear, except that they are conical rather than cylindrical. They also share many properties of spur gears...

  • Bevel Gear Set

    Bevel Gear Set

    Bevel gears are used extensively in a wide variety of industries and mechanical operations due to the most important advantage they offer: smooth and low-noise power transmission between non-parallel shafts at almost any angle or speed. However, due to the mathematical...

  • Spiral Gear

    Spiral Gear

    Spiral bevel gears are bevel gears with helical teeth positioned in a 90-degree angle. The teeth are designed with a slight curve to provide better flexibility and traction. Although they can be considered a hypoid gear, they have no offsets, which indicates they will not...

  • Miter Gear

    Miter Gear

    Miter gears are one type of bevel gears where the two rotational axes intersect. When speaking of narrow definition of bevel gears with ability to increase or decrease speed, miter gears do not have that ability due to the pair’s same number of teeth. Their purpose is limited...

  • Micro Worm Gear Set

    Micro Worm Gear Set

    XLT manufactures worm gear sets, which are comprised of a worm and worm wheel, for use in a variety of industries including aerospace and military instrumentation, medical, dental, oil and gas exploration, robotics, optical and industrial controls. Our precision worm...

  • Brass Worm Wheel

    Brass Worm Wheel

    Specifications: Material: Brass Color: Yellow Brand name: CNBTR Modulus: 0.5 Weight: 16g Size of worm wheel: Teeth:20 Teeth Dia :11.2mm Height: 12mm/0.47inch Outer Diameter: 11mm/0.43inch Hole Diameter: 4mm/0.16inch Step Size: 9x7mm/0.35x0.27inch ( Dia x H) Overall Size:...

  • Worm Gear Pinion

    Worm Gear Pinion

    A gear is a rotating machine part that utilizes cut teeth, or cogs, to mesh with another toothed part—usually another gear or a linear toothed part (called a gear rack)—to transmit rotational motion and torque. By using a combination of precision gears with the correct ratio,...

  • Small Worm Gear Sets

    Small Worm Gear Sets

    This 27:1 ratio worm gear set provides a compact way to create a drastic reduction in the output speed of a gear motor. The 1/4" D-bore of the stainless worm will allow it to mount on a 1/4" D-shaft which is used throughout the XLT build system. The mating...

  • Gear Worm Wheel

    Gear Worm Wheel

    Worm gears are usually used when large speed reductions are needed. The reduction ratio is determined by the number of starts of the worm and number of teeth on the worm gear. But worm gears have sliding contact which is quiet but tends to produce heat and have relatively low...

  • Single Start Worm

    Single Start Worm

    XLT, Single Start, Ground Worm Shafts Specifications Gear Type Worm Gears Construction Ground Worm Shafts Nominal Axial Module 6 Number of Start 1 Nominal Lead Angle 5°43' Hand of Thread Right Hand Shape W6 Shaft Diameter / Bore (A) 60.2 (mm) Shaft Length Left...

  • Multi Start Worm Gear

    Multi Start Worm Gear

    Worm Drive Worm drives (or worm gear sets) are right angled drives and are used in screw jacks where the input shaft is at right angles to the lifting screw. Other forms of right angle drives are bevel gears, and hypoid gears. Worm drives satisfy the requirements of many...

  • Double Enveloping Worm

    Double Enveloping Worm

    Double-Enveloping Worm Gear Sets Precise and powerful custom solutions. Cone Drive is the world leader in double-enveloping worm gear technology. Cone Drive gear sets are available in standard sizes and ratios or we can prepare custom worm gear sets to any specifications. Key...

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