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Single Start Worm

Single Start Worm

XLT, Single Start, Ground Worm Shafts Specifications Gear Type Worm Gears Construction Ground Worm Shafts Nominal Axial Module 6 Number of Start 1 Nominal Lead Angle 5°43' Hand of Thread Right Hand Shape W6 Shaft Diameter / Bore (A) 60.2 (mm) Shaft Length Left (F') 60.0 (mm) Pitch...


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XLT, Single Start, Ground Worm Shafts Specifications

Worm gears use screw threads to make large reductions to shaft speed while transmitting motion at a right angle. They transmit motion from worm to gear and cannot be reversed. For gears and worms to mesh correctly, they must have the same pressure angle and pitch.

Speed ratio is the ratio by which output shaft speed is reduced. As speed decreases, torque increases.

Bronze gears have low friction and dissipate heat better than iron gears to provide a long service life for both the gear and the worm.


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