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Cyclo Drive

Cyclo Drive

SPECIFICATIONS Sizes: 38 models (5lbs to 5000lbs) Torque Rating: 210 to 603,000 lb in HP Rating: .10 to 232 HP Ratio Range: 3 to 119 (single), 121 to 7569 (double), 8041 to 658,503 (triple) Mounting: Foot, Flange, Face Mount Motor Standards: NEMA, IEC, JIS, UL, CSA, CE FEATURES AND BENEFITS...


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Sizes:38 models (5lbs to 5000lbs)

Torque Rating:210 to 603,000 lb in

HP Rating:.10 to 232 HP

Ratio Range:3 to 119 (single), 121 to 7569 (double), 8041 to 658,503 (triple)

Mounting:Foot, Flange, Face Mount

Motor Standards:NEMA, IEC, JIS, UL, CSA, CE


Highest overload capacity, exceeding 500%.

Exceptional life with a 24 month unlimited warranty.

High efficiency, even at high reduction ratios.

Unlike involute gearing, no thermal limits.

Available as inline speed reducer or gear motor.

Ideal for severe, high shock applications.

Grease lubricated for no maintenance.



Food Machinery


Automotive Plants

Wastewater Treatment

Recycling Equipment

Poultry Processing Equipment

Sawmills and Wood yard Equipment

Run out Tables

Construction Machinery

Paper Handling Equipment

Take the direct motor drive type for example. Its capacity ranges between 0.1kW to 132kW and the reduction gear ratio has been standardized to between one-third to one-658503, with products delivered in a short time.Unlike ordinary gearmotors, the service factor (margin of reduction gears in relation to motor ratings) can be selected freely, even with identical capacities and identical reduction gear ratios. Furthermore, the most suitable unit for a particular purpose can be selected from an overwhelming assortment of products available, including the F series of products for precision controls that feature a built in torque limiter, motor pulley, servo motor direct drive, and robots, etc.


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