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Mini Planetary Gearbox

Mini Planetary Gearbox

It is having an automatic conveyorized assembly line to cope up the requirements of bulk quantity. Correct selection of material and surface treatment gives a long durable life. XLT offers these gearboxes with diameters of 25, 32, 45 mms, giving output torque up to 15 Nm. A variety of...


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Micro Gearbox Options

Gearboxes are also known as reducers, gear reducers, speed reducers, gear drives, and gearmotors. All terms can be used more or less interchangeably. Please note that the links for our small gear drives include information on the full range of frame sizes for that series or style.

Bevel Box Micro Gear Drive

Miniature 2 Shaft Worm Gearbox

Miniature 4 Shaft Worm Gearbox

Miniature Flange Worm Gear Drive

Miniature Inline Spur Gearbox

Compact Wormwheel Gearbox

Custom Miniature Gearbox

XLT can engineer and manufacture a custom miniature gearbox to meet your unique specifications. We can produce custom micro gearboxes in any configuration your application requires, with output torque levels as high as 900Nm. We can work from your gearbox designs, reverse engineer an existing unit, or help you develop an all-new design that delivers the performance you need. Request a quote on a custom miniature gearbox or contact us to discuss your unique requirements.



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