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Gearbox and Reducers

A reduction drive is a mechanical device to shift rotational speed. A planetary reduction drive is a small scale version using ball bearings in an epicyclic arrangement instead of toothed gears.
  • Planetary Gear Drive

    Planetary Gear Drive

    In an epicyclic or planetary gear train, several spur gears distributed evenly around the circumference run between a gear with internal teeth and a gear with external teeth on a concentric orbit. The circulation of the spur gear takes place in analogy to the orbiting of the...

  • Planetary Gear Motor

    Planetary Gear Motor

    Description 165RPM HD precision planetary gear motor Maximum torque: 680.5 oz-in. (12VDC) No load current: 0.53A Gear ratio: 51:1 The 12V, 165RPM 680.5oz-in Precision Planetary Gearmotor offers dual ball bearings, full metal gears, and extreme power. Features Dual ball...

  • Planet Reducer

    Planet Reducer

    Planetary gear reducers belong to the epicyclic family of reducers, since the planet gears trace epicycloidal curves in space—very similar to how the popular kid’s toy, the spirograph, works[i]. Simple planetary gears are arranged with a centrally located, externally toothed...

  • Planetary Gear Reducer

    Planetary Gear Reducer

    Precision Planetary Reducers This standard range of Precision Planetary Reducers are perfect for use in applications that demand high performance, precise positioning and repeatability. They were specifically developed for use with state-of-the-art servo motor technology,...

  • Compact Worm Gearbox

    Compact Worm Gearbox

    Our RW Series miniature worm gear box assembly may be small, but it's tough enough to handle demanding power transfer applications. Constructed with machined aluminum housings and hardened steel input and output gears, they’ll deliver many years of reliable performance....

  • Double Reduction Worm Gearbox

    Double Reduction Worm Gearbox

    XLT Double Reduction Worm Gear Units are constructed using two single reduction worm gear units. The primary worm gear unit is specially designed to mount integrally on a standard single worm gear unit which forms the secondary stage. The complete gear unit becomes...

  • Small Worm Gear Reducer

    Small Worm Gear Reducer

    Small Precison Worm Reduction Gearboxes Precision, 6:1 to 100:1 ratios, torque 1 to 10 Nm and multishaft arrangements M1, M2, M3 Metric Worm Reduction Gearboxes Small precision with multi-shaft arrangements • 6:1 to 100:1 • Torque 1 to 10 Nm • Drilled and tapped mounting...

  • Gearbox Worm Drive

    Gearbox Worm Drive

    This gearbox utilizes a 30:1 ratio worm-drive reduction for applications that require extremely slow and smooth rotational motion. The worm-drive design not only minimizes backlash but also eliminates back-driving the gearmotor so a position can be held even when power is not...

  • Aluminium Worm Gearbox

    Aluminium Worm Gearbox

    Product Description XLT leading manufacturer of various ranges of Worm Reduction Gear Box to our valuable clients. It has a number of industrial usages. We skilled technicians develop the boxes using finest quality material. Our develop products are energy efficient...

  • Nmrv063 Gearbox

    Nmrv063 Gearbox

    Product description Worm Reducer Ratio 100:1 NMRV063 14mm/19mm/22mm/24mm Input Shaft Worm Gear Speed Reducer NEMA52 for Servo Motor Stepper Motor 1. Turbo-Worm reducer type selection Table 1 Model NMRV063-100 Type Worm-Gear Reducer Speed Ratio 100:1 Input Bore Size...

  • Self Locking Gearbox

    Self Locking Gearbox

    Self-locking Worm Gear A self-locking worm gear is a type of worm gear that does not allow the interchangeability of the input and output gears. As you know, in spur gear trains you can interchange the driving gear and the driven gear but the same is not possible for the...

  • Nema 23 Worm Gearbox

    Nema 23 Worm Gearbox

    Wormwheel gearboxes go by several names, including 90-degree gearboxes, right angle gearboxes, speed reducers, worm gear reducers and worm drive gearboxes. Gear reduction boxes feature a gear arrangement in which a gear in the form of a screw, also known as a worm, meshes...

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