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Gearbox and Reducers

A reduction drive is a mechanical device to shift rotational speed. A planetary reduction drive is a small scale version using ball bearings in an epicyclic arrangement instead of toothed gears.
  • Worm Reduction Gearbox

    Worm Reduction Gearbox

    XLT Automation's Gearbox product lines offer high precision at affordable prices! The Planetary Gearbox product offering includes both In-Line and Right-Angle configurations, built with the design goal of offering a cost-effective gearbox, without sacrificing...

  • Worm Gear Box Assembly

    Worm Gear Box Assembly

    Our XLT series miniature worm gear box assembly may be small, but it's tough enough to handle demanding power transfer applications. Constructed with machined aluminum housings and hardened steel input and output gears, they’ll deliver many years of reliable...

  • Worm Gear Winch

    Worm Gear Winch

    WORM GEAR SERIES The worm gear hand winch is known for it’s robust construction. The winch can be used as lifting winch and pulling winch. The hand winches are equipped with a load pressure brake. This brake holds the load at any required height during hoisting and lowering...

  • Worm Drive

    Worm Drive

    XLT eccentric worm-drive pumps are suitable for pumping thin to high-viscosity fluids. The displacement pumps work with low turbulence at a constant pressure and provide for a gentle and pulsation-free operation. Whereas the series 550 pumps are used in the industrial...

  • Worm Motor

    Worm Motor

    XLT gear motors are economical, right-angle, worm-geared motors that install easily in the tightest applications. Economical right angle worm geared motors set new standards for reliability, efficiency and economy with unparalleled features including hollow shafts in...

  • Worm Reduction

    Worm Reduction

    Precision, 6:1 to 100:1 ratios, torque 1 to 10 Nm and multishaft arrangements M1, M2, M3 Metric Worm Reduction Gearboxes Small precision with multi-shaft arrangements • 6:1 to 100:1 • Torque 1 to 10 Nm • Drilled and tapped mounting holes on top and bottom • Flush fitting...

  • Worm Gear Gearbox

    Worm Gear Gearbox

    The chassis of the worm gearbox is usually cast from cast iron, with only a few heavy duty gearboxes cast steel. The deceleration casing is composed of two parts, a box seat and a box cover, and the split surface passes through the axis of the transmission. The holes in which...

  • Helical Worm Gear Reducer

    Helical Worm Gear Reducer

    The spiral worm gear reducer is a basic lifting component with compact structure, small size, light weight, wide power source, no noise, convenient installation, flexible use, multiple functions, multiple supporting forms, high reliability and long service life. Many...

  • Helical Worm Gear Motor

    Helical Worm Gear Motor

    The principle of the screw jack is that the worm drive rotates the worm wheel, the middle of the worm wheel is an internally threaded hole mechanism (engaged with the lead screw), and then the rotary motion is transmitted to the upper and lower linear motion of the lead screw.

  • Stainless Steel Worm Reducers

    Stainless Steel Worm Reducers

    Stainless steel worm reducer 1. High quality aluminum alloy casting, light weight and no rust. 2. The output torque is large. 3. The transmission is stable and the noise is small. 4. High heat dissipation efficiency. 5. Beautiful and durable, small size. 6. Can be adapted to...

  • Small Worm Gearbox

    Small Worm Gearbox

    Small turbine box 1. Fully enclosed full life electromechanical integration design 2. Hard-toothed helical gear transmission, low noise, high efficiency 3. The overall structure is compact, light weight and adaptable 4. Additional electromagnetic brake

  • Right Angle Worm Gearbox

    Right Angle Worm Gearbox

    The right-angle gearbox horizontal shaft is directly connected with the prime mover such as the internal combustion engine, the horizontal motor, and the gas turbine. After the speed is reduced (or increased), the power is output from the vertical shaft. It can withstand...

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