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Gearbox and Reducers

A reduction drive is a mechanical device to shift rotational speed. A planetary reduction drive is a small scale version using ball bearings in an epicyclic arrangement instead of toothed gears.
  • Low Backlash Planetary Gearbox

    Low Backlash Planetary Gearbox

    Low-backlash planetary gearboxes Low-backlash planetary gearboxes from XLT – from precise torque converters to a universal success factor for your machine. High torsional rigidity, extremely smooth running and low torsional backlash are typical performance features of...

  • Zero Backlash Gearbox

    Zero Backlash Gearbox

    zero backlash gearbox Features & Benefits

  • Zero Backlash Planetary Gearbox

    Zero Backlash Planetary Gearbox

    Zero-Backlash Planetary Robotic Gearbox - EP SeriesGPL Planetary Gearbox XLT EP Series Robotic Planetary Gearboxes provide the lowest backlash and high tilting rigidity for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications. Features With a backlash of ≤...

  • Servo Motor Gear Reducers

    Servo Motor Gear Reducers

    Application area CNC Machining, Medical Apparatus, Textile Machinery, Packaging equipment. Reducer technical parameters Model LRF90-50 Type Planetary Reducer Speed ratio 50:1 Input Bore Size 19mm Output Shaft Size 20mm Input Flange Model NEMA36 Stage 2 Max Output speed(rpm)...

  • Precision Gearbox

    Precision Gearbox

    XLT Precision Gearboxes for Small NEMA Motors XLT Planetary Gearboxes for Small NEMA Motors The XLT EP series is a great gearbox value for servo, stepper, and other motion control applications requiring a NEMA size input/output interface. It offers the...

  • Servo Gearhead

    Servo Gearhead

    XLT EP-series of low backlash, servo motor rated gearheads, mount easily and directly onto XLT EP-series and N-series AC brushless servo motors to provide industrial motion control equipment with torque multiplication and proper inertial matching. These...

  • Servo Motor And Gearbox

    Servo Motor And Gearbox

    WHY DO WE COMBINE A SERVO MOTOR WITH A GEARBOX Do you know why we still use today gearboxes while servo motors becoming stronger and more advanced? The gearboxes of XLT are used in many cases in combination with a servo motor, for example because they have low backlash...

  • Servo Worm Reducer

    Servo Worm Reducer

    Overview Servo-Worm Reducers were specifically developed for use with the latest servo motors in applications that demand precise positioning and repeatability. These reducers are suitable for applications in material handling, automation, machine tool, and robotics. The...

  • Planetary Gearbox For Servo Motor

    Planetary Gearbox For Servo Motor

    XLT precision planetary gearboxes work well for increasing torque output of servo systems, while reducing the reflected load inertia for higher response. Offered in inline, right-angle and hub styles, these best-in-class gearboxes offer high stiffness, high efficiency,...

  • Servo Gearbox

    Servo Gearbox

    Servo gearboxes (precision gearboxes) Special servo gearboxes have been developed for the requirements of highly dynamic servo-motors. The proven ATEK bevel gearbox and worm gearbox series form the basis for them. The combination of a large number of motor flanges and an...

  • Center-drive Gear Motor

    Center-drive Gear Motor

    XLT helical center drive gearmotors XLT gearmotors are designed for easy maintenance in the field. Motor frame is made of corrosion resistant aluminum. Finned aluminium housing sealed at junction points. Double output shaft seals. Crop guard is integrated into...

  • Center Pivot Gearbox

    Center Pivot Gearbox

    Product Application • Ceramics • Dyeing • Packing • Chemical • Food stuff • Woodworking • Industrial Machine Product Feature • High in radiating efficiency. • Compact structure saves mounting space. • Shafts are made of wrought iron. • Stable transmission with reduced...

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