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Gearbox and Reducers

A reduction drive is a mechanical device to shift rotational speed. A planetary reduction drive is a small scale version using ball bearings in an epicyclic arrangement instead of toothed gears.
  • Inline Helical Gearbox

    Inline Helical Gearbox

    XLT Techbox ‘EP-Series’ helical inline gearbox and helical inline gear motors are available in Double / Triple reduction models having motorised /solid inputs are intended to satisfy all the requirements of a reliable drive for slow-speed high-torque application....

  • Helical Gear Reducer

    Helical Gear Reducer

    “EP series” inline helical gear reducers feature a HP range of ¼-100 HP, 37-147 mm box sizes, 2:1-120:1 speed ratios and a cast iron housing for unquestioned strength and reliability. Offered in a variety of NEMA C-face quill style motor input flange configurations, the “E[”...

  • Cycloidal Planetary Gear Speed Reducer

    Cycloidal Planetary Gear Speed Reducer

    Model NO. Reducer XWD2 Gearbox Type Gear Reducer Ratio 3.15:1 to 9000:1 Input Power 0.25-5500kw Structure Mode Flange, Foot, or Shaft Mounting Solutions Gear Machining Precision Accurate Grinding 6-5 Grade Color Done as Your Need (Common Blue) Heat Treatment Carburizing,...

  • Cyclo Speed Reducer

    Cyclo Speed Reducer

    Cyclo reducers-which is short for cycloidal reducers-are a variation of speed reducers that are designed to lower motor speed through an increase in torque and a decrease in output speed. Cyclo reducers gain their effectiveness through use of a round disc that rotates off...

  • Cycloidal Speed Reducer

    Cycloidal Speed Reducer

    Cycloidal (planocentric) Gearboxes employ eccentric motion to achieve its speed reduction. It uses noncircular or eccentric motion to convert input rotation into a wobbly cycloidal motion. This motion is then converted back into a circular output rotation. During this...

  • Cyclo Gear Motor

    Cyclo Gear Motor

    Cyclo Gear Motor EP cycloid gear motor is a type of transmission model that uses cycloid pin gear meshing planetary transmission principle. It is an ideal transmission device with many points, wide use and positive and negative operation. The reducer has the following...

  • Cyclo Drive Gear Motor

    Cyclo Drive Gear Motor

    The EP drive is also known as a cycloidal pinion planetary gear drive, its core components are the pin housing, the crank shaft and the cycloidal wheel. The EP reducer is composed of an involute cylindrical gear planetary reduction mechanism and a cycloidal pinion planetary...

  • Cyclo Drive

    Cyclo Drive

    SPECIFICATIONS Sizes: 38 models (5lbs to 5000lbs) Torque Rating: 210 to 603,000 lb in HP Rating: .10 to 232 HP Ratio Range: 3 to 119 (single), 121 to 7569 (double), 8041 to 658,503 (triple) Mounting: Foot, Flange, Face Mount Motor Standards: NEMA, IEC, JIS, UL, CSA, CE...

  • Cycloidal Drive

    Cycloidal Drive

    Product Application Cycloid reducer is a cycloid needle teeth meshing planetary transmission principle drive models, is an ideal transmission has many advantages, versatile, and can be both positive and negative operation. Perfect for the machinery and equipment of following...

  • Cycloidal Reducer

    Cycloidal Reducer

    This zero backlash cycloidal reducer allows mounting of the load directly to the output flange or outer case without the need for additional bearings. The TwinSpin reducer series is the smallest cycloidal available on the market, featuring dual cross roller bearings, low...

  • Bevel Planetary Gear

    Bevel Planetary Gear

    Bevel gearboxes can be realized using bevel gears with straight, helical or spiral teeth. The axes of bevel gearboxes usually intersect at an angle of 90 degrees, whereby other angles are also basically possible. The direction of rotation of the drive shaft and the output...

  • Sun Gear In Planetary Gear

    Sun Gear In Planetary Gear

    Planetary gear reducers belong to the epicyclic family of reducers, since the planet gears trace epicycloidal curves in space—very similar to how the popular kid’s toy, the spirograph, works[i]. Simple planetary gears are arranged with a centrally located, externally toothed...

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