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Two Stage Planetary Gearbox

Two Stage Planetary Gearbox

Series N2: 2 Stage Planetary Gearbox XLT 2 stage planetary gearbox (series N2) is designed for high efficiency (over 95%) and higher power density applications. They come in modular designs thus, can be stacked depending on the specific requirements of the customer. Based on our R&D,...


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Series N2: 2 Stage Planetary Gearbox

Based on our R&D, every XLT 2 stage planetary gearbox (series N2) is designed to withstand strong radial and axial loading on their output shaft. Moreover, every two stage planetary gearbox features a high torque, driving efficiency and loading capacity.

Also, every planetary gearbox efficiency is attributed to the proportional distribution of torque within the gear system. This reduces wear and increases transmission of power.

All our 2 stage planetary gearbox (series N2) features nodular cast housing to increase rigidity and anti-lock. They also case hardened for high quality surface finish, which also contributed to every XLT 2 stage planetary gearbox efficiency.

We have a wide range of 2 stage planetary gearboxes (series N2) to choose from, being a reputable planetary gear reducer manufacturer.

Key Features

Modular design,combined according to customer requirement

Heavy bearing, Design for heavy duty Application

Hardened gearing, long life with high reliability

Low speed shaft design



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