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Multi-steps Valve Actuator-H Type

Multi-steps Valve Actuator-H Type

multi-steps valve actuator-H type


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multi-steps valve actuator-H type

multi-steps valve actuator-H type

Quarter turn manual Actuators per AWWA Standards C504, C507 and C517 requirements

Available for above ground, buried service and submerged applications

Available in valve output torques up to 180,000 ft-lbs

Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system


Totally enclosed and sealed

Externally adjustable mechanical stops rated to 300 ft-lbs

Self-locking mechanisim to maintain valve position

Position indicator clearly indicates valve position for above ground service

Sealed and grease packed for buried or submerged service

Corrosion resistant input shaft for buried and submerged service

Easily adapts to Handwheel, Chainwheel or 2" Nut operation

Spur gear available for ease of operation

Mounting holes for field mounting and multiple 90° orientations, utilizing multiple keyways for precise positioning

Exclusive bearing package for smooth operation and extended life includes bronze radial bearings and roller thrust bearings

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