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Valve Actuators

Valve Actuators

valve actuators


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Worm valve actuators

Single-acting actuators only require air pressure when actuated; they automatically spring closed when the air turns off.

Double-acting actuators require air pressure to open and close.

Pilot valves control the air to the actuator.

Limit switches change the position of the visual dome indicator and send an electrical signal to trigger alarms or other equipment when the actuator opens or closes the valve. The indicator displays green when the valve is open and red when the valve is closed. Switches attach to the top of the actuator with the included mounting bracket. All meet NEMA 4X for protection from washdowns, splashing water, corrosive liquid, and dust.

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Single Acting: Air-to-Open, Spring Return

imageDouble Acting: Air-to-Open, Air-to-Closeimage

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