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Zero Backlash Gearbox

Zero Backlash Gearbox

zero backlash gearbox Features & Benefits


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zero backlash gearbox

1Low Backlash Right Angle Servo Worm ReducerLow Backlash Right Angle Servo Worm Reducer

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Zero Backlash ≤ 0.1 arcmin Highest precision for your application
Lowest lost motion ≤ 0.6 arcmin
High torsional rigidity
Superior accuracy even with low torque
Patented self-adjusting backlash system Constant precision throughout the entire lifetime
High torque density 58-73 Nm/kg Smaller gearbox, lighter overall system
Fully-loaded life 20,000 operating hours Longer lifetime, reduced maintenance costs
Efficiency > 90% Lower power consumption, smaller motor
Quiet < 70 dB Reduced workplace noise exposure
High output, acceleration and
emergency stop torque
More security for your application
Superior tilting and torsional stiffness Allows precise positioning
Low vibration High repeatability
Lowest breakaway torque Better control of the overall system
Standard mineral oil Reduced lubrication cost
Low operating temperature Longer component and lubricant life
Low moment of inertia Excellent dynamic performance
Compact design, low weight Lighter overall design
GAM flange input with motor adapter and clamp Ready to mount your motor

Low backlash right angle servo worm reducer

Low backlash right angle servo worm reducer


Precision rotary motion

— Reducing the noise and vibration that is caused by the load change and the change of cutting force.
— Reducing the noise and impact that is caused by the corotation and reverse.
— By reducing worm abrasion.
— Increasing worm output response speed.

Precision Indexing device

— CNC machine, assembly line, cutting machine, transmission lines, etc.
— Indexing device,accurate reading mechanism require accurate movement occasions.

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