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Analysis of sprocket manufacturers: oil supply selection in transmission Aug 28, 2020

Analysis of sprocket manufacturers: oil supply selection in transmission

1. There are many concepts in various countries regarding the choice of gear transmission oil supply. Parallel use of experience value, experience calculation formula and conditional calculation formula. It is not difficult to find that with different oil supply concepts, the regular oil supply volume for gear drives under the same operating conditions is different. Therefore, the influence of the smoothness and cooling effect of the gear transmission installation (for example: anti-glue ability, anti-pitting ability, vibration, noise and transmission efficiency, etc.) are also different. One of these phenomena is worthy of our deep consideration, that is, under certain conditions (such as low-speed and small-size transmission), the regular oil supply rates of various oil supply concepts are very close, and the smoothing and cooling effects are also very good. More than 90 of the total calorific value can be transmitted from the tooth surface. In other words, most oil supply concepts can achieve satisfactory smoothness and cooling effects.

2. Under another condition (such as high-speed and large-size transmission), the amount of oil provided by various oil supply concepts differs greatly, and some differ by more than ten times. The smoothness and cooling effects of gear teeth are also quite different. Some oil supply concepts require regular oil supply, and the heat that can be transferred from the tooth surface is less than 30% of the total heat generation. This means that the fuel supply has lost its usefulness. As the above two phenomena can be clarified, each fuel supply concept has certain limitations. The scientific method of evaluating various oil supply concepts has resulted in a chaotic state in the selection of oil supply for gear transmission installation. In particular, it used to have a negative impact on the design, experiment and application of my country's current gear transmission installation.