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Chain wear failure causes conveyor chain failure Sep 04, 2020

Chain wear failure causes conveyor chain failure


Failure due to wear is a common and obvious manifestation. There are many reasons for this failure. The main reason is poor chain material and improper operation by workers. Chain whole

The parts that are prone to wear are the sprocket and the pin. The wear of these two parts is mainly due to insufficient local lubrication, so in order to avoid this phenomenon, the operator should pay attention to frequent inspections

Lubrication effect, add lubricating oil in time, check whether there is abrasive in the lubricating oil or change the lubrication method. After the sprocket is slightly worn, the sprocket can be reversed so that the side with the lighter wear faces the chain

Article. In addition, if the use environment is bad or the lubrication and sealing is not good, it will cause the hinge to wear. Once the chain hinge is worn out, the chain link becomes longer, and it is easy to cause tooth jumping or slip

The chain reduces the service life of the chain and accelerates the failure of the chain.